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There are several year old threads here on this. I do not think RickT is going to reply any time soon. We have not seen him here since January. The answer depends on the size and type of drop zone you work for. If it is a mom and pop affair then the hours could be quite minimal, the pay almost nil, and the aircraft slow (182/206). Most of the mom and pop outifts do not even attempt to keep any pilots around. They will have a cadre of hobby pilots to tap and pay is nearly nothing. Also, beware of ads that say "skydiver pilot wanted, do not apply unless you are within 50 miles of Podunk" or something similar. This means the job is not livable.

If on the other hand you find work with a large outfit they may have Otters and King Airs, they will definitely work long hours to keep the high-cost airplanes flying, and they will pay just enough to keep the pilots around without having to moonlight. $20k a year is a typical figure for salary. The minimums will be about 1200 to apply and you will face lots of competition. It might be easier to just go to an airline. Frequently these outfits will let "pilot trainees" work for nothing as chute packers, low level managers and desk clerks in the name of a chance to get trained, but don't believe anything they tell you about upward mobility because they are notorious for leading innocent people along with such claims which go unfulfilled. Go in as a pilot in title and job function, or do not go in at all.

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