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Forum Rules

The Airline Pilot Central Forum’s membership base is a diverse community of pilots and individuals in the airline community. By opening an account on the Airline Pilot Central Forums, you have agreed to abide by our site Rules and the Terms of Use. These rules can and do change, so be sure to keep yourself up-to-date on the rules. Remember: Ignorance of the rules excuses no one from the consequences of breaking them! General Conduct Keep it professional.
  • Remember your manners when communicating with others.
  • Harassment of any kind is not acceptable.
  • Advocacy of any illegal job action is strictly forbidden.
  • Do not shame, degrade, insult, bully, or otherwise call out others.
  • Respect the privacy of others at all times.
  • We do our best to respect privacy of our members, and so should you. Never post confidential information about others such as real names, nick names, call signs, initials, scab lists, familial identifiers, addresses, emails, phone numbers, etc, without express written consent of the involved party.
  • Communications, such as private messages or moderator messages, are not to be re-posted without explicit permission of all involved parties.
  • Any post that in the opinion of the site Administrators and Moderators poses a risk to the security of the site or members will be removed without notice.
  • Forum users are allowed one user account per person.
Posting Behavior
  • Remember that this is a public a forum, which means by posting you agree to let anyone post their thoughts and opinions to the topic.
Note: the media, employers, potential employers, government, lawyers, family, friends and enemies are viewing and/or responding to the many threads and posts. Please be mindful of your audience when posting.
  • Respect your fellow members. Period. No personal attacks, name calling, hate speech, racist remarks of any kind, etc.
  • Some controversial topics can and should happen, but some topics aren't meant for the forums. These topics include, but are not limited to:
    • Partisan Politics – As a heavily regulated industry, there is no prohibition to discussing the FAA, FAA rule-making, FAA re-authorization, Congressional proceedings regarding the industry or what a particular government leader or representative is doing to/for aviation. Partisan political discussions of any kind are not permitted.
    • Jumpseat (JS) – General procedures and relevant phone numbers to list are permissible. JS procedures that relate to access (security or cockpit) are absolutely forbidden, as is anything listed in the FOM/SOP as SSI.
    • Federal Flight Deck Officer (FFDO) – General discussion to the application process and administrative issues related to training are allowed; however, the content of training and anything related to operational procedures, to include naming of names, schedules, is prohibited.
    • Known Crew Member (KCM) – Discussion of KCM or any TSA operational details are prohibited.
    • Religion – The Airline Pilot Central Forums are not the place for religious conversations of any kind.
  • Sarcasm is ok. Trolling is not. Not all sarcasm is trolling but some trolling is sarcastic.
  • Stay on topic as best you can, and don't hijack a topic - just start a new thread. Topics do tend to ebb and flow, but if the topic gets too far away from the primary point, start a new thread!
  • The Airline Pilot Central forums are not the place for mature and/or vulgar topics or language.
  • Excessive usage of images in forum posts is generally frowned upon.
  • Linked third-party content which violate the site rules or Terms and Conditions are not permitted.
  • Spamming, solicitation, advertising, and promotion of any kind are not allowed in the forums. Click here to advertise your job, product, or other offerings: Advertising Program
  • Surveys for aviation related research, demographic research, and opinion polls are permitted, but must be reviewed by an administrator before being posted in the appropriate the Aviation Survey forum.
Consequences and Recourse We hope that everyone will read the rules and follow them, but mistakes do happen. Depending on which rules you break, one or more of the following may happen:
  • Receive a warning message to inform you of the violation.
  • Suspension from the ability to post in the forums.
  • Removal of any offending content, such as avatar images, forum posts, comments, etc.
  • Suspension of your membership altogether.
This can occur without a warning and will include all your past and future accounts on the Airline Pilot Central Forums. Unless specifically reinstated by the moderation team, new profiles will also be suspended. The moderation and administration teams will do their best to be as fair and objective as possible utilizing research, evidence, and discussion among the team to come to their decisions. We do ask that you remember to respect the administration and moderation teams regardless of the decisions that are made. While we will try and work with you to ensure you can continue to responsibly utilize the Airline Pilot Central Forums, we do reserve the right to remove any account for any reason at any time without notice. If you have issues with any moderator decision, contact an administrator through the private message (PM) tool. Please note that the administrative and moderation teams reserve the right to remove any post or any account for any reason without notice.
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