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Old 05-09-2019, 10:57 PM   #91  
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Originally Posted by midnightshuttle View Post
We studied this in aviation law. Fred Smith, the owner of Fdx, was lobbying hard against them from 80-87. Because UPS was using subs exactly as Amazon is doing. Thereby creating an unfair competition. UPS took the IPX certificate and went in house amidst the pressure. Amazon will never fall to this due to their PACs they control. They are pretty much above the laws or own the peeps that make them.
A very astute observation.

I wish others could learn from history.

I don't mean to be demeaning, but it boils down to who pays off the right guys making the decisions (congress/senate).

Think about that in the upcoming elections.

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How much justice can you afford?
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Little bit of thread drift now, but I'm also quite certain Amazon will never bring this 3 Ring Circus into one tent.

Why? Because if you look at how Amazon acquires companies they do it all in one fell swoop, out of the clear blue sky. No one ever sees it coming.

Best example: They disrupted the entire frickin grocery industry when they picked up Whole Food for $13.7 BILLION.

They could have all of AAWW & ATSG for probably 15% of that. Maybe 20% if they're feeling generous.

But why should they? They're not generous. They're ruthless and cut throat. They make UPS management look like Santa Claus.

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Maybe because Amazon has hired UPS Management?

Fred Smith lobbying against UPS for unfair completion, thatís a joke. UPS using contract pilots is similar to what Fed Ex does with ground. Fred *****ed about DHL having partnership with UPS with the IPX certificate since DHL was a foreign company. UPS decided to buy out DHL. So UPS has Fred to thank for the airline. UPS May have still used subs to fly the planes. 4 different airlines flew for UPS then. UPS owned the aircraft. If a Ryan crew timed out, it had to be replaced with a Ryan crew on that aircraft. An Evergreen or Orion crew couldnít fly that aircraft assigned to Ryan. So to eliminate that pain in the ass, UPS brought the flying in house.
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