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Default LEC 22 Nominated Rep Letter and Endorsements

Vic asked me to post his letter here with the attached endorsements. While I have Vic's permission to post his letter, I don't have permission to use the names on the endorsements. I have used initials but if you'd like the names either e-mail Vic or PM me. We NEED to have a representative like Vic on the MEC. If you are a LEC 22 pilot, please read this letter and endorsements, take the time to talk to VIC, and vote him in as a LEC 22 Rep. Thanks, Capt Fred Buesser

Fellow Council 22 Members:

I want to thank you for nominating me to run as your Block 2 Representative and am humbly asking for your vote. I appreciate the amount of interest expressed in the issues that were raised. As would be expected, most of the questions I received concerned my position with regard to the proposed changes to the Age 60 rule, the FDA LOA, the scheduling optimizer, and R&I.
Quite a few of you simply wanted to know who I am and why Iım running for Block 2 Representative.

The best way to answer who I am is by telling you who I am not. I am not
part of the "ol-boy inner circle" that has developed in our Union's command
structure. Despite over a decade of service in leadership positions on the
Strategic Preparedness Committee and a member of the Pilot to Pilot
committee my allegiance first and foremost has always been to the line
pilot. I am running for this office because I believe in this union and the
hard-working FedEx pilots but am alarmed at recent decisions that have been made and am highly motivated to make positive changes in the way this union conducts business. I have received numerous emails and phone calls from you and the common thread is the level of anger and frustration expressed in the above issues as well as a lack of effective two-way communication.

During the election, I will send letters to you dealing with areas of
concerns. Specifically, I would like to address the concerns you raised
regarding R&I, work rules, and communications. In the R&I letter, I will
discuss the challenges associated with the defined benefit plan and the need to place more emphasis on the defined contribution plans for our younger pilots. In the work rules letter, I would like discuss the deterioration of our lines and parings, and propose possible solutions. In my last letter I would like to discuss innovative ways to enhance the flow of two-way communications between the leadership and the dues paying members.

Again, I would like to thank you for the support you have shown and ask for your vote in this election and that you continue the dialogue we have
established by writing me at [email protected].


Victor Liberti
Captain MD-11

I am attaching a few endorsements form LINE PILOTS hopefully you will
recognize and respect.

Fellow LEC 22 Members,
My name is JB and I'm a member of seniority block 7, writing in
support of Captain Vic Liberti. Vic is a candidate for LEC 22 Chairman. A
couple of months ago when we flew together on a three-day pairing, I had the opportunity to hear about Vic's plans for his candidacy, and some of the things he hoped to implement if elected to the position.

I was impressed with his desire to improve communications between the MEC and the membership. As we all know, a couple of recent, high-profile issues have resulted in some valid concerns for us all in this area, regardless of our individual seniority. In the next round of contract negotiations, there will be a lot of things at stake. Any "failure to communicate" between the MEC/LEC and the membership on important issues would have negative consequences for us as a union and as individuals. Vic is keenly aware of this, and it's one of his top priorities. He is also committed to defending and strengthening the A Plan as well as improving the B Fund, so that the interests and needs of crewmembers from the most senior down to the most junior are protected. Vic is also well aware of the recent "tweaking" of the optimizer that is affecting everyone's schedules across all aircraft types. Improving the scheduling process and reducing its current negative impact on our overall quality of life is very important to him.

What most impressed me, though, was the amount of consideration Vic gave to his decision to seek the LEC Chairman position. He is well aware of the time involved and the work required of someone at this level of
responsibility within our union. I believe he has "counted the cost," and
that he made the decision to pursue this important position only after long
and careful consideration and discussions with many pilots both senior and
junior. I am confident Captain Liberiti will represent us all in a manner
we can be proud of, and encourage you to join me in supporting him for LEC 22 Chairman.



To Council 22 Members,

I would like to give my recommendation to Vic Liberti who is running for Block 2, Local Council 22 Representative. I hope that you give Vic your
support and elect him as our block 2 representative.

I have known Vic and his family since 1986. He is knowledgeable and a
hardworking individual who understands our needs as line pilots. In the pastVic has always been involved in our union behind the scenes without
receiving any credit for his work. I trust Him and without reservation know
that he would lead us and represent not only our Block but also the entire
crew force.


Captain AC
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