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Default Shipping Luggage

My apologies for not denoting whether this is a FedEx or UPS thread since I can't make up my own mind yet what it is and the article I have linked talks about both, as well as these new-fangled luggage specialists.

Like everyone else, I am tired of airlines losing my checked luggage and I can't very well pack my kitchen sink and 15 pairs of shoes into my carry on . So I have thought of shipping my luggage on my next trip to SAT. The article says UPS, at least, doesn't want to get into the luggage shipping business. What's a girl to do, other than leave 14 pairs of shoes behind!
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I have shipped suitcases via Fedex (air) from the U.S. to Asia and no problems. They were not boxed.
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I've shipped my snow skis and boots instead of trying to haul them on a jumpseat. No problems in a good bag. I would limit the number of exposed straps as I'm sure the rampers love to sling parcels with straps....
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Default Not bashing the competition, but...

Bring your bag(s) to your local FedEx Kinko's--they'll fix you up. Delivery to a hotel or residence no problem--that's our raison d' etre. FedEx Ground will be cheaper, IF you can forego the items for a few days (3-6?) ahead. Otherwise, FedEx Express wins the prize. But I am biased... Be sure to hit Mi Tierra or Do Brazilia when you're in San Antonio.
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Mi Tierra rocks, especially their freshly squeezed orange juice.
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Thanks for the insight. San Antonio is my second home so lots of stuff going back and forth. I'll try Mi Tierra next time; it ought to be a refreshing change from Sonic or Whataburger or Bill Miller BBQ.
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