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Default FDX ANC, One more time

This just came out via email. If you make the mistake now, after 4 emails, shame on you.

Dear Anchorage Council 79 Pilots,

Itís that time of month again when Open Time will be released, 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., Anchorage time, today, for Captains and First Officers, respectively. With all of the DPs this month, expect most of the newly released trips to be disputed. Shop carefully.

As you will see below, we have many Disputed Pairings (DP). The PSIT continually fights a monthly battle to try and salvage these undesirable pairings. We are at our most effective when these pairings are left for pilots on reserve to fly. Pilots picking them up voluntarily for short-term benefits such as an easier commuter schedule, increased deviation bank, or certain days off all affect our long-term desired goals of safer and better flying.

As always, we have listed the March DPs below by pairing and date. Thank you for supporting your ANC Scheduling Team.

In Unity,

ALPA Council 79


By Date:

116/4 mar

106/7 mar, 2083/7 mar,

107/8 mar, 2084/8 mar,

9/9 mar,

139/13 mar,

108/14 mar, 2083/14 mar,

109/15 mar, 2084/15mar,

2003/16 mar,

110/21 mar, 2083/21 mar,

107/22 mar, 2085/22 mar,

17/23 mar,

74/25 mar

111/28 mar, 2086/28 mar,

112/29 mar, 2087/29 mar,

2048/31 mar,

113/4 apr, 2088/4 apr,

2089/5 apr, 114/5 apr.

By Pairing Number:

9/9 mar,

17/23 mar,

74/25 mar,

106/7 mar,

107/8 mar, 107/22 mar,

108/14 mar,

109/15 mar,

110/21 mar,

111/28 mar,

112/29 mar,

113/4 apr,

116/4 mar,

139/13 mar,

2003/16 mar,

2048/31 mar,

2083/7 mar, 2083/14 mar, 2083/21 mar,

2084/8 mar, 2084/15mar,

2085/22 mar,

2086/28 mar,

2087/29 mar,

2088/4 apr,

2089/5 apr, 114/5 apr.
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we need another section... pairings that have been assigned, and how they were assigned.
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