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Mt. Redoubt eruption

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Default Mt. Redoubt eruption

From the observatory in Alaska:
2009-03-22 23:02:22
An eruption of Mt. Redoubt began at approximately 22:38 AKDT, March 22, 2009 (0638 UTC). AVO is raising the aviation color code to Red and the alert level to Warning. Initial height of the eruption cloud is estimated at less than 20,000 ft above sea level at present. Further reports will be issued as more information becomes available.

2009-03-22 23:20:21
Current estimate for eruption cloud height are 50,000 ft above sea level.

From local news: Wind is blowing ash cloud north. Ash fall expected in Anch and Mat Su valley around 2am.
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Latest reports indicate that the volcano has erupted after increased seismic activity. Unrest at the volcano increased rapidly. Seismic activity and other volcanic signs escalated and culminated into a serious volcanic eruption. Experts in the US Geological Survey had already color-coded alert levels ‘orange’ meaning that the volcano would erupt anytime.

The Air Force says the ash cloud from Mount Redoubt’s eruption is expected in Anchorage by 2am local time. Alaska Airlines has turned back four flights bound for Anchorage to their cities of origin, after the eruption of Mount Redoubt.

They are also twittering:

As of 12:27AM March 23, 2009, AVO has recorded three large explosions at Redoubt volcano.

Twitter / alaska_avo
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NWS forecasts ashfall:

Didn't mention Anchorage. Post any new info as it comes.
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I hope no one who works for the "potential" furloughing cargo giant, volunteers to help the company move the jets out of ANC.


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2009-03-23 02:04:08
As of 2:00AM March 23, 2009, AVO has recorded FOUR large explosions at Redoubt volcano at the following times:
March 22 10:38PM
March 22 11:02PM
March 23 12:14AM
March 23 01:39AM
The National Weather Service has issued an Ashfall Advisory. Link: National Weather Service, Anchorage Forecast Office - Redoubt Coordination

Latest tv news, an hour after the 4th eruption, is saying they are not expecting much ash fall in Anchorage, at this time. However Alaska Air is diverting it's inbound flights. Airport is still open at this time. Upper level winds are blowing towards Anchorage, at the 40,000 ft level. Most of the ash fall at this time is expected in the Susitna valley, north of the volcano. Anchorage has not activated emergency services yet. The Mat-Su valley, apparently has.
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Hopefully all the "do-gooders" at Brown can refrain from helping the company out on moving airplanes out of ANC if it comes to that. Let them use the reserves. NO JA's here!
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Flew by it yesterday, some puffs during the daylight.
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Any Lava ?
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Originally Posted by FliFast View Post
Any Lava ?
I wondered the same thing when Augustine erupted a couple of years ago. Apparently lava is a Hawaii thing; up here we're more into pyroclastic flows.

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Question ANC Ops...?

A friend shared with me recently that the airport is open, but no westbound flights for now.

When someone learns something, please share.

I'm certainly not expecting the co. to do so anytime soon... better 2/3 of my crew is in the hotel in ANC scratching their heads, too.
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