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Where did the 7xx come from?

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Originally Posted by Typhoonpilot
Except, of course, the B777
Tough choice, but I agree with you. I even preferred flying the 777 to the 747-400.
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Originally Posted by Space Monkey
Boeing 307, Boeing 377 and the list goes on and BTW the original "707" prototype was actaully called the Dash 80.....
It was actually called the "367-80"...using the 300-series designator to mask the fact that it was a jet transport from the rest of the aviation industry.
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767's top all - haha!

I've heard in a few places that they stubled upon 707 as the SIN of 45 degrees (the wing angle of the 707 - what I heard) is .707...! I don't know this to be 100% true but I've heard it in a few places.

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