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Old 07-11-2019, 06:44 PM   #1  
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Default Fastest path to FEDEX - Military

A quick back-story to give context:

I'm a mil pilot who wants to go to FEDEX as my #1. Problem is: my history is first-tour helos, second-tour T-6 IP, boat tour, then full-time reservist in C-130s.

That said, I have most things taken care of that I can control: >1000 hours TPIC, Instructor time, unrestricted Multi-ATP, MEI, active CFI on the side, Air-Wisconsin airman trainee program participant, FAASTeam member, Aviation Safety Officer, Masters in Safety/Human factors, C-130 Aircraft Commander.

What I am missing is the FEDEX requirement of 1500 PIC/SIC in a multi-turbopro/jet >12,500 and the preferred 1,000 TPIC in said aircraft. The only time in my resume that would count is my herc time, which is a whopping 360 hours, of which 7.4 is PIC (freshly minted).

My thoughts are: get out and go to a regional where I can upgrade the fastest for a few reasons: get my domicile of choice within months instead of years (DFW), and to get PIC time in the 121 world ASAP. Is this sound logic, over trying to get to SWA or a legacy and simply log SIC time? It won't get me any closer to the PIC preferred time, and my reserve gig in C-130s would not get me there anytime soon as a drilling reservist.

I am planning Envoy for now but am open to suggestions for the regional with the highest pay/fastest upgrade/most junior DFW domicile.

I am absolutely open to any advice and guidance from the illustrious crowd here.

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We just changed our rules to include T-6 time as TPIC... Does that help?
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Thatís awesome for the T-6 FAIPs our there. When/where was that info released?
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Originally Posted by Check6Viper View Post
We just changed our rules to include T-6 time as TPIC... Does that help?
Is the T-6 the only single engine turbine that will count?
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