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Old 01-04-2018, 04:25 PM   #1  
New Hire
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Default King Air First Officer program

Hello all,
I am at a crossroads when it comes to choosing a school. I'm from Canada and I really like King Air First Officer. However, I would also like a school that would allow me to do some networking so I can crack into the industry. I'm not sure if King Air First Officer would give me this privilege. I do realize I would get 300 hours upon graduation, but as a Canadian will I be able to get a job in Canada right after graduation?(after license conversion)
Is Redlands, CA an okay place to live for a brown person?(I have never been to the states and more often than not, I hear that small towns in general tend to be more racist)
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Old 01-04-2018, 05:22 PM   #2  
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Is this the place you're talking about? Company Name - Costs

If so, it looks shady to me. What are your goals?
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Old 01-05-2018, 08:51 PM   #3  
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Never heard of the place. Not much for references.
likely your sitting right seat logging time on reposition flights for their charter aircraft that do not require two pilots?
You will have a U.S. commercial multi instrument rating, no CFI.
Will still need to convert to Canadian, so more $$ maybe a CFI to build more time.
Turbine time is not required to get hired at regional airlines in the U.S., just the min hours. Not sure about in Canada.

IDK, It's a lot of money, the lower tiers of aviation are full of scammers. Whatever you do don't prepay it all or sign off on a huge loan to them, do 5-10K chunks, max. One morning the doors might be locked.

Redlands? Racist? pretty sure that is LA suburb, as in SoCal. I wouldn't live there, but I like smaller towns.
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Old 01-08-2018, 06:18 PM   #4  
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This place has "stay away" written all over it. The website doesnt even read like it was written by a person who speaks English as their first language.

It also says 300 is the minimum number of hours required by the airlines, which isnt correct. Also says you'll graduate with over 50 hours of multi engine time, with at least 50 hours of multi engine turbine. Really...are the students taking their multi checkrides in a King Air?

Dont get near this place unless youre looking for a way to blow $55,000.
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