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Long story

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"Have you been to ATP yet? I’m not trying to flame, just curious."

LAFF is a PPL who feels he got burned on his PPL training at a flight school in Vacaville, CA.
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hahha.... i went to ATP... and finished.. maybe 100 days... loved it... had fun... great guys... great CFI's

but I DONT DOUBT THIS STORY ONE BIT!!!! two of my 4 other roommates were furious at ATP.... make it more like.. 2 1/2.... threatened to get kicked out... all this stuff.. i believe this guys story.!! man i saw instances where people were getting $5,000 credits... and others who were getting kicked out the day after they wrote that last $15,000 check and didnt even have their commercial...

LAFF is partially right... there's always a few disgruntled customers... some choose to make the best of it, some simply just refuse to take that sort of crap ATP dishes out sometimes.

I'd say the thing that made my experience better, was I didnt march in the office where you meet your cfi, and act like i'm a customer that DEMANDS to be pleased... those cfi's dont care.. they just spent 50k just like me... they WERE customers... they were in your shoes 3-4 months ago.

Alot of the people who come in and bark about "blah blah... I just spent 50k, I BETTER get some service!!!" those are the guys i see that everybody goes out of their way to make it a living hell for them...

You got to keep a mindset where even though you spent, 50k.... i'm not here to be treated like a king (opposed to if you just bought a 50k week long vacation in the french alps) i'm here to get my ratings. its tough because its a LOT of money, but you're there to get your ratings in xx amount of days

I'm not BASHING ATP... i'm not promoting it like LAFF does.. but.. i went... i liked it... that's me...
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Every thing said about Frank is completly true. He wears the same jumpsuit everyday, always talks about his Mooney, and is a complete prik. With that said, I made it through ATP un-scathed. I never busted a checkride. What was odd, was Frank almost didn't sign me off. Then the DPE I did my MEI with, told Franky that I smoked the ride, did awsome. If Frank dosen't like your attitude, he will refuse to sign you off. I think he was picked on a bunch as a kid, and it reflects now in his adult life. I can understand why he is not married. I don't think there is a woman alive who could put up with is crap!
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Originally Posted by exerauflyboy5 View Post
So after a Mr. Toads wild ride in the P.O.S. rental car, myself and a fellow student get to the ATP Vegas office at VGT.
Did you, once upon a time between 2001-2003, fly at ERAU Prescott and file a PIREP describing the turbulence as "Mr Toads Wild Ride"?

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Default Aaahhhh Hhhaaaaa!!!!

Yeah but i think that happened around 04.

Franks not married because he bats for the other team. There's a certain DPE that does initials (the pink panties guy)with whom there where numerous shenanigan's when they were in texas or something. The knuckle dragger in the story is the one that tells it.

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Sounds like a great place...I wish I didn't have all my ratings....darn it!!!
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