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Ideas for the future and such things...

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Ideas for the future and such things...

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Default Ideas for the future and such things...

Hi all, first post here but I wanted to see if any of you had ideas for me.

I am 16 years old and I want to be an Airline pilot when I grow up. So here is my idea. This summer I have a job lined up interning at a maintenance hanger and FBO at my local airport (KHPN) and will be doing that in order to barter/pay for my PPL. Then I want to go to college to be a pilot, I looked at Riddle in Daytona and it seems like a fine institution but I am still considering UND.

What do you guys think?

Any and all advice is welcomed and encouraged.

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All the best for your future.
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Working at a local FBO is a great idea to get your PPL. I did that and them I became friends with people on the airfield and they would take me up flying with them a lot. Have you thought about going to a cheaper (non-aviation) college and not going thousands into debt? You could still work part time for your flying money and then apply to the guard/reserve to go to Air Force tng?
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ERAU and UND and all these aviation colleges are a rip off. While it helps get the restricted ATP, you will be in debt up to you eye balls unless you're a trust fund baby.

Then again there's the military route. Go to army WOFT you don't need a college Degree and just do the fixed wing add ons.

Definitely do some shopping around, bet there's some cheaper flight schools and colleges you can get a degree in something not aviation to serve as a backup God forbid another industry turn down.
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Do not go the military route if it is just to get free flight training (I absolutely hate it when people give that advice on this board). Join the military if you truly want to serve your country, because you will be making a significant commitment. Those that joined pre 9/11 thought they would never have to go to war. Well, we all saw how quickly that changed.

You are on the right track by working at a FBO this summer. That will give you valuable ground experience even if you don't fly that will help later on. It will also start your networking opportunities early on which is huge in this business.
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Agreed, The military is for those who truly want to serve their country. You are on the right track with your career. Go ahead, Good luck!
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I think you are making a great decision by incorporating yourself near your local airport. The best thing you can do is stay busy with all the local aviation activities. Also, the military can be a good route but is a GREAT sacrifice.

Also, I wrote an article about cutting flight costs awhile back that may help. Here is a link.


Best of luck,
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Great. Wish you all the best for your future. You are on the right path.
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