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Old 03-05-2016, 08:08 AM   #1  
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Default St. Louis Flying Lessons

Hi all,

I've wanted to get my private pilots license for years. I have a big 2 month lull in school right now where I can 100% commit to getting my license. I think this is doable flying 3-5 times/week.

I want to do this (as everyone does) with as little money as possible. I live in the St. Louis area, and I was wondering if anyone has any insight on what the best and cheapest way would be to go about this. I've called quite a few flying schools, but I know that they are generally going to be more expensive than the option of taking lessons through a local flying club. I've received estimates of 8-10k. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!
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Where about in St. Louis are you? There are options for all sides of town. North in St. Charles you have St. Charles Flying Service not the best airplanes but cheap. In Chesterfield you have Air Associates nice planes more $$$. St. Louis downtown on the other side even has options. I would try to get a 141 school due to your time frame. Also pricing sounds about right for private if you have any questions let me know. I have dealt with Air Associates and St. Charles flying service personally.
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Most 141 ground school programs will take longer than 2 months. I'll throw my vote for St. Charles Flying service. Their planes aren't as pretty as Air Associates but they're well maintained and SET is a nice, quiet airport to work out of with plenty of towered airports nearby as well as St. Louis approach. You don't need to pay the premium for a G-1000 and a bunch of crap like that. As a private pilot you should be looking outside.

If you want to do it in two months, you can put in a lot of time on your own studying. On a day that you get rained out you should still meet with your instructor to review the ground school stuff to prep for the written and oral portions of your rating exam. If you do those things, you should be able to get the private in 2-3 months as long as the weather cooperates.
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Old 03-06-2016, 09:40 AM   #4  
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I have also heard good things about St. Charles. Good people and good airplanes around there.
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Thanks for all the suggestions guys. After talking with multiple people, I've realized that I'm under a little too much of a time crunch to do this right now. I would only be able to fly 1x per week after these next 9 weeks, and I would hate to stall out right as I was getting ready to do the check ride to get my license, especially after spending all that money. As much as I hate to not do it, I don't think it's in the cards right now

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