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Default Alpha Flying

Hello all. This is my first post, as I am new to the Airline Pilot Central Forum.

Does anybody have a guess as to when Alpha might start hiring pilots again? What do you guys and girls at Alpha think?

Happy Columbus Day!
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I dont work there but I applied and have kept in touch since around August or so. I have been told that they do not forsee any future hiring unless the obvious happens which is; they get more planes, attrition or they get more contracts for flying. In a perfect world that is early winter but no one has any clue.

As for getting more planes that is a near guarantee, as for getting more contracts with todays economy...who knows.As for attrition where are the pilots going to go? If they are captains and were hired from CFI with low time as most that I know who work there are they now have somewhere between 1500-4000 hours with 40 or sometimes less multi which is not very competitive in the current awful market we are looking at. Not to mention they are making much more money then they woudl make if they left for a regional which I can not imagine any of them doing. If you have time in the PC12 im sure your chances would be greatly improved if and when they start hiring.
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Thanks for the reply usmc-sgt. I had applied there about a month ago, and also got the same kind of reply from them. I have about 2200 total time, with 1000 hours of that being multi time from my time as an MEI and 402 captain at Cape Air. I have been most recently flying part 135 charter in a Caravan, unfortunately I just got furloughed and with the way things are looking, looks like it could be collect unemployment, fly traffic, CFI, or back to Cape Air.

at least I have my health, beer in the fridge, and a bottle of jack on the counter. good luck to us all.
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It certainly is too bad about Alpha. The Grob situation is not helping, either. During my last year or so there, most of the hiring was being done to help with the transition of the PC-12 pilots to Grob pilots. That is obviously not happening now. One could even say that they are fat on pilots. They have a pilot:airplane ratio of over 4:1 now, which historically rarely happened (the summers when we were in the LOW 3:1 ratio was real fun ). With the slowdown in flying, I can only surmise that the FOs are sitting around more than ever.

Personally, I'd go back to Cape Air if that is an option. It is always easier to get a flying job when you already have one. Get out of New England for the winter and go enjoy some island time!
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