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Cell Phones

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Default Cell Phones

Currently looking for a new cell phone. Wondering what everyone thinks either of Verizon or sprint services. Thinking about these phones in general- Verizon--Blackberry, Dare, or the new Storm. Sprint- Rant, Instinct, or the Blackberry Curve. Which one has better service while on the road, talking, battery life.. any pros or cons of the phones??
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Sprint sucks.
Verizon doesn't work internationally.
Therefore, I use AT&T and have the "Tilt" phone (HTC-8900).
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Verizon's CELL service was pretty good when I had them, very reliable. Their CUSTOMER service is terrible. It never made a difference when I had to go into the store for something, lines out the door, and I would be in there for an hour. Same when having to call on the phone, would be on hold for quite a while.

I have had T-Mobile for about 3 years, love it. I drop a call every now and then, but with interference from the air force base close by, I can live with it. I have their smart phone, the Dash and love it. It's a Windows Mobile phone made by HTC.
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Default Verizon Blackberry

Verizon DOES work internationally. In fact the coverage is better than ATT as it works in Korea and ATT doesn't. Otherwise the Verizon and ATT coverage are identical on the international map. You need to get the 8830 world phone (blackberry) or the Storm. Then make sure it is internationally enabled (meaning the put the chip in it). I have had my 8830 for two years without a problem and I am in China, Dubai, EU, Korea, etc, etc, etc.

ATT customer service sucks as much as Verizon, so there is no difference there. Don’t know much about T mobile, but Sprint is useless.

If you want a touch phone, go with the Verizon Storm. If you send lots of email from your phone then get the 8830 world phone as the actual keyboard is better than the touch screen.
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So far ATT has good cell and customer service. The LG phones are sucky though, spring for something a little nicer.

Their wireless works well too, but if you are in an area that has both 2G and 3G it will tend to auto-switch back and forth, which will drop whatever online work you were doing. Learn how to force the software to stay on 3G.
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I don't know about phones, but as far as reception goes, I think Verizon is the best. I've tried them all - starting with Sprint, then T-Mobile, then Cingular. With all three, I was doing "can you hear me now?" A LOT. I finally got Verizon after listening to everyone else and I've never had a dropped call or bad reception. I do miss Cingular's roll over, and t-Mobile definitely has cheaper plans than Verizon... but what the heck is the point of having lots of minutes if you don't get reception.
As far as service goes... I don't know if Cingular's gotten any better now than AT&T took over, but service sucked. Verizon is OK... I actually had a GIGANTIC bill a few months ago due to roaming in a foreign country, and they worked out a deal for me where they basically credited me back the entire amount.

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Whats wrong with Sprint?

I've had them for years without any trouble. The only problem I can think of is that they are CDMA.
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I've played with the Storm and the Google phone. So far I still like my Iphone much much better.
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Instinct is a good phone but is not a smart phone. However, you can use it for phone as a modem with your laptop. Sprint says it is impossible so they dont charge you extra for it like they do with their other phones.

Blackberry "Service" on sprint will cost you extra although you can access most features without it.

If you want toys and applications go with the I Phone.

My advice go with the phone that gives you the best service at home.
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Originally Posted by FastDEW View Post
[COLOR=black]Verizon DOES work internationally. COLOR]
That's good to hear they joined the 21st Century. They did not work 3-4 years ago when I switched. I was happy with Verizon until I started flying internationally. I switched to Cingular which became AT&T, and they have been just fine, so I have no need to leave for now.
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