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Default NetJets Interview Gouge

NetJets Interview Gouge
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Good idea on seeing up these threads Rick!

Apply online and within a week or two the process will start. Essentially, for NJ there's a two step process. Intial phone screen interview with basic questions. Some candidates go thru a virtual interview after the phone screen if the company has more questions/ needs more info on your background and is on the fence about extending you an invitation for the hiring expo. The expo is a 2 day event, including a sim eval. Overall, they end up only hiring about 15% of the applicants. So they seemed to be very selective at the time.

Year/month 3/2022
Total Time 2800ish
Turbine Time 200ish
Time 121 200ish
Education: 2 year/4 year/Post Grad Masters
Logbook Review yes, done at expo
General Impression of Interview/Comments I was actually impressed with the expo and the overall operation of the company
Were you offered the job? Yes
Anticipated time to class date? 1 week
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Default Old experience from 2021 but still the same

First off if you go through this process you'll be impressed. Very well run ship at Netjets.

I submitted my application and the very next day was contacted about setting up a phone interview. They gave me days and asked me for my availability. Scheduled in my interview and a week later was rung by a pilot recruiter.

Basic TMAAT type questions. Most notable were:

Why do you want to leave your current employer

Tell me about yourself/resume.

Heard back that afternoon that I was selected to attend the next phase which was the hiring expo in Columbus. Flew out the day prior (Sunday), Monday was the expo. Get your logbook checked, then head around the booths (about 10 or so in total with about 100 current Netjets employees). Network with the employees and fellow interviewees AND ask questions, make yourself stand out! In total I spent 3.5 hours walking around chatting. My interview had a 1300-1400 slot, but guys were interviewing all day up until 1700. First portion was with an HR rep and a current line captain. They asked mainly TMAAT questions:

Tell me about yourself/resume

Why Netjets

How would you deal with x y z situation

How will you deal with being away for 7 days straight

30 minutes total and boy do they make sure it's only 30 minutes. They have a lot of candidates to get through so I did feel rushed and felt I didn't say things I wanted to as I was conscious about the time constraint.

Next up was with a current management pilot and that was very very casual. He just wanted to get to know me. The closest thing I could liken it to is flying with a new Capt or FO and getting to know them in the cruise, chatting about life, experiences etc.

Overall very enjoyable and casual. Just be yourself

Next day was the simulator assessment, you have a 2 hour sim slot and you'll catch the shuttle there without about 9 other guys who have the same time slot. I was in the Phenom and although it was a tight squeeze to get in (bummer if you're over 6'1" or a hefty person!!), it was a cool aircraft to fly. Great technology up front that was all new to me. They expect you to have learnt the SOPs they give you in the sim brief packet you get at check in, my best advice, meet up with your sim buddy and chat about it the night before. Learn each other's strengths and weaknesses so you're a better PM when it's their turn to fly.

The instructor will walk you through AP and FMS set up as needed, and we were told to make radio calls but don't worry about setting any frequencies.

Took off HPN.Westchester 7 off rwy 16, FD only. Climbed to 8000' and did steep turns (no FD), turned on the AP then diverted to TEB for an ILS approach, AP can remain on from after steep turns until FAF. Flew a missed approach (due glideslope failing at 2nm) and through 3000' on the missed my turn as PF was done. Act as you would in any jeopardy sim and remember to communicate and use those CRM skills. When you're PF you are the captain.

Next you act as PM and do your best to support your buddy next to you, timely calls, relevant and helpful information about flight path etc. Remember you guys aren't competing for the job, there are enough for everyone. Sim buddy took off HPN (same dep), steep turns then return to HPN for the ILS 16, missed approach followed by vectors for another approach and landing.

Sim was done after this, and despite asking, NO they won't give you any feedback.

I think they want to see improvement, communication and teachability.

My understanding is that there is also meant to be a HQ tour but for our group we weren't taken, not sure why. Took the shuttle back to the hotel to collect our bags and then everyone made their way to CMH for flights home.

Got the call the following Monday saying I was a go and starting 8th Nov. Very excited about this role
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I just got my invite for first stage of interview in a few weeks. Appears to be a video call. Anyone have insight as to what the process is like these days?
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