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U.S Airways travel benefits

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U.S Airways travel benefits

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Default U.S Airways travel benefits

I was wondering if anyone could tell me the non-rev benefits of U.S airways, which family members, cost (domestic/international), and non-rev agreements with other airlines (if any), etc. Also, how do they assign seniority. Any input is appreciated.
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At US, parents fly for a fee, $15 per direction domestic, $40 per direction Europe and Hawaii. You and your spouse fly for free, just have to pay taxes on any int'l trips. Here's the rest:

US Airway’s Employee Travel Services
Travel Program Quick Reference Guide
Revised May 4 2007
Who’s eligible and how much will it cost?
All US Airways full or part time employees after the 16th day of employment, PLUS

• Spouse or registered Domestic Partner and dependent children of either employee or spouse/partner Unlimited FREE travel, however we are required to collect taxes for Domestic Partner at the ‘fair market value’ - this will be show on the employee paycheck as imputed income

• Registered Guests can be anyone you choose, however you cannot have both a Spouse/Domestic Partner and a Registered Guest Unlimited FREE travel free however, we are required to collect taxes for Domestic Partner at the ‘fair market value’ - this will be shown on the employee paycheck as imputed income

• Parents (natural or step, any combination)
Unlimited travel with a cost of $15 per direction domestic and $40 for Europe and Hawaii (plus segment/security fees and if applicable international taxes)

• Parents-in-law, only if natural parents are deceased
Unlimited travel using the same “Mileage Fares” used for Guest Pass program

• Other Guests - we offer all employees Guest Passes (sometimes called Buddy Passes).
These are all electronic and added to your travel profile automatically.
Limited to 8 round-trip passes per year, with the following “Mileage Fare” costs,
plus any segment, security fees and if applicable international taxes:
$25 one-way for flights 0-500 miles in length
$30 one-way for flights 501-1000 miles in length
$40 one-way for flights 1001+ miles in length and all flights to/from
Mexico, Canada, Alaska, Caribbean and Central America
$100 one-way for all flights to and from Europe and Hawaii

Domestic Partner Program
Employees may register their Domestic Partner with the Benefits department. Enrollment forms can be found or requested by emailing [email protected]. An approved domestic partner application must be on file with the Employee Benefits department before your partner will be approved for travel benefits.
As stated above, travel is free, however is taxable via imputed income on employee’s paycheck. Domestic Partners are also eligible for negotiated discounts on several other airlines.

Dependent Children Qualifications
Children age 19 or over must be dependent, unmarried full-time student and must provide proof of full-time school attendance each year to remain eligible. Children become ineligible for travel on January 1 of the calendar year in which they turn 24, regardless of school status.

Registered Guest Program
The Registered Guest Program is intended for single employees who would like to register a traveling companion. The Registered Guest can be anyone the employee chooses (no proof of relationship necessary) however the guest must be 18 years of age or older and present government-issued photo ID or Birth Certificate to enroll. Single, divorced and/or widowed
employees may register his or her guest at any time. However changes may only be made on a rolling calendar basis, allowing at least 12 months between enrolled individuals. Travel is free, however is taxable via imputed income on employee’s paycheck.

US Airway’s Employee Travel Services
Travel Program Quick Reference Guide
Revised May 4 2007

How do I do it? (procedures, policies and boarding priorities – oh my!)
You can “list” and check-in for your flights on-line using the Employee Travel Center (ETC) accessible via Compass or theHub or via the Employee Traveling Listing (ETL) an automated phone system at 800-325-9999.

Method of Boarding
All non-revenue passengers (non-rev’s) board the aircraft first by one of the priorities listed below, then by seniority, using your year of hire. The tie-breaker for two employees traveling with the same priority and hired in the same year is check-in time. Example – two employees with a hire
year of 2006 traveling on a personal vacation would be SA3P-06. One with the earlier check-in time would board first. You are encouraged to check-in on-line using the ETC up to 12 hours in advance; you may also check-in 4 hours in advance at the airport using a kiosk.

Boarding Priorities
• SA1P - Vacation Pass - Allows employee and all accompanying family members one
round trip per pass. 3 per year, per active employee and 2 per year, per retired employee
and are electronically credited in travel profile.
• SA2P - Applicant, Emergency/Bereavement Travel - For retired employees. Active
Express employees traveling on their own carrier’s aircraft. (example: Mesa employee
on Mesa aircraft, Air Wisconsin employee on Air Wisconsin aircraft, etc.)
• SA3P - Personal/Vacation - For active employees of mainline and wholly-owned
Express carriers and their accompanying family members and/or guests.
• SA4P - Personal/Vacation Employees on leave and retirees - For family members of
employees of mainline and wholly-owned Express carriers who are not traveling with the
employee and all retirees and their accompanying family members and/or guests.
• SA5P - Personal/Vacation - For employees and retirees of non-wholly owned Express
carriers. Family members of mainline and wholly-owned retirees not traveling with the
• SA6P - Personal/Vacation - For family members of non-wholly owned Express carrier
employees who are not traveling with the employee.
• SA6O - Company Business - For all other airline employees traveling on business.
• SA7P - Personal/Vacation - Guest Pass travel not traveling with the employee.
• SA9P – Applicant/OAL - US Express Non-Wholly Owned applicants and other airline employees traveling on leisure.

Company Business Travel
Positive space company business travel will be provided to employees who have a need to travel on official US Airways company business. Bookings can also be made via the ETC with prior authorization from your manager and Employee Travel Services.

ED20 Program and US Airways Vacations Discounts
Employees and eligible family members listed in your travel profile are eligible to purchase revenue confirmed tickets at the employee discounted rate of 20% (get it ED 20) on all Mainline and Express flights. All normal fare rules and restrictions apply and since this is a confirmed ticket you can get advance seat assignments and earn Dividend Mileage. US Airways Vacations (our in-house travel service) from time to time offers discounts on travel
packages to some of our most popular destinations. Planning a getaway - give them a call 800- 455-0123 and see what current offerings are being offered at a discounted rate.

US Airway’s Employee Travel Services
Travel Program Quick Reference Guide
Revised May 4 2007

Traveling in First and Envoy Class

Employees can upgrade to either First Class or Envoy (trans-Atlantic business class) if space is
available for:
• $20 per segment throughout the domestic system
• $100 per segment for Europe and Hawaii.

Domestic upgrades are non-refundable, but valid for use for 3 years from date of purchase.
Envoy/Hawaii upgrades are refundable. Also, children under the age of 12 are not eligible to upgrade to the First Class or Envoy Class cabins.

Dress Code
We trust our employees to dress appropriately for the class of service they are traveling - taking in to account how others in the cabin of service will be dressed.
• Casual in Coach - shorts, jeans, t-shirts and sneakers and sandals are permitted in good taste.
• Business Casual in First and Envoy Class - golf shirts, khakis/chinos, dark-colored denim, pantsuits, open-toed dress sandals.

Leave of Absence and Emergency Travel
Should the need ever arise, we offer employees travel for emergencies and while on approved leaves.

Type of Leaves and travel offered:
• Military - unlimited travel for employee and eligible family members while on active duty.
• Medical - unlimited travel for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment only (includes
travel by accompanying family members.) Travel must be authorized on a case-by-case
• FMLA - unlimited travel for employee and eligible family members while on FMLA status.
• Personal - No travel.
Emergency Travel
Employees and eligible family members receive positive space travel for death or critical illness of
immediate family member. Travel must be within 48 hours of emergency. Immediate family
members include:
• Employee
• Spouse/domestic partner
• Children of employee/spouse/domestic partner
• Parents and step-parents of employee/spouse/domestic partner
• Brother or sister of employee/spouse/domestic partner
• Children-in-law of employee/spouse/domestic partner
• Grandparents of employee/spouse/domestic partner
• Grandchildren of employee/spouse/domestic partner
• Retirees (space available emergency travel at an SA2P priority)
In the event of the impending death or death of employee, additional family members are authorized to travel positive space, including siblings, parents-in-law, adult non-dependent children and grandparents-in-law.

Travel by Surviving Spouse or Surviving Domestic Partner
The surviving spouse, domestic partner, dependent children, and parents of a deceased employee receive unlimited on-line space available pass travel for a period equaling 1 year for each completed year of service by the deceased employee, with a minimum of one year and a maximum of 5 years. Surviving eligible family members of deceased retired employees receive
on-line space available pass travel for life (unless spouse re-marries).

Baggage Policy
We ask all travelers to make sure your bags can be identified - attach name tags to the outside and put Id or business cards in the front pocket of their baggage.

Delayed, Lost or Damaged Baggage
Space available pass travelers are not compensated for delayed, lost or damaged baggage.
However, should a bag go astray all travelers should open a file with baggage services, so any errant bags can be traced and returned.
Company business travelers are compensated for lost and damaged bags limited to $2,800 max per passenger.

Traveling with Pets
• Cabin pets allowed on a space available basis free of charge. Current limits on number of
pets per cabin and size/health of pets still apply.
• Cargo Pets - we do not accept pets in the cargo hold for any travelers.
Excess and Oversized Baggage, Sporting Equipment
• Employees, family, registered guests and accompanied guest pass travelers are allowed to check excess and oversized baggage and sports equipment for no additional charges.
• Unaccompanied guest pass travelers are subject to standard excess baggage policies and fees.

Human Remains Shipments
We will provide free shipping throughout the US Airways route system (on a space available basis) for all US and US Express employees and their eligible family members listed in the travel profile, including registered guest.
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Default Thanks

Thank you for all the info, I know someone who wants to work for US but told me a bunch of wild stories about these benefits, this sounds a lot better. This person was also telling me that when your parents are divorced then the new stephmother or father and natural mother and fater can get travel benefits for a total of 3 parents. Is there any thruth about that? Also, do you know how they assign senority? Thanks
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