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Default NWA Council 20 on 1113c Negotiations

I have listed some bullet points on our current 1113c Negotiations, which may help you understand where your elected council representatives stand on this important situation. Please continue to read the daily information distributed by MEC Communications. Court transcripts are available on
  • NWA pilots (ALPA) have ALWAYS been responsive to requests by Management for economic assistance whenever verified (due diligence) as necessary.

  • NWA pilots (ALPA) were the first (and only labor union) to take pre-Chapter 11 pay concessions in 2004, taking a 15% (+) pay cut in the Bridge Agreement.

  • NWA pilots (ALPA) offered additional concessions in early September 2005 in a last ditch effort to help management avoid a Northwest Chapter 11 filing.

  • NWA pilots (ALPA) led the Northwest labor effort for 60-day 1113c extensions in November to provide additional time for labor-management-negotiations.

  • NWA pilots (ALPA) agreed to an 1113c extension which cut our pay another 23.9% (+) in addition to the 15% (+) conceded the 2004 Bridge Agreement.

  • NWA pilots (ALPA) are working for over 40% less than our November 2004 rates; a disproportionate burden, compared to other groups and management.

  • NWA pilots (ALPA) have agreed to a freeze of our Defined Benefit Plan (Retirement); which results in a SUBSTANTIALLY reduced benefit for most pilots.

  • NWA pilots face an uncertain future, substantially reduced pay, more onerous work rules, and reduced benefits, including a risk of pension plan termination.

  • NWA pilots (ALPA) have negotiated in good faith with management to ensure we are COST COMPETITIVE in an industry with expanding low cost carriers.

  • NWA pilots are currently working for pay rates that are in most cases below other carriers, even low cost non-union carriers, for comparable equipment.

  • NWA management is using the Chapter 11 environment to gut our contract, outsource many of our jobs, and justify more rewards for a failed EMT.

  • NWA management is insisting on outsourcing about 20% of our total flying at a time when we expect the number of NWA pilots furloughed to exceed 1000.

  • NWA management wants to use OUR scarce financial resources to buy up to 100 airplanes for ANOTHER airline to replace flying reserved for OUR pilots.

  • NWA pilots (ALPA) have offered management a competitive, low cost alternative (NStar) which would reserve small jets and jobs for our own NWA pilots.

  • The NStar alternative would ensure quality control of the small jet operation and PROFITS for NWA instead of more expensive fee for departure contracts.

  • NWA pilots have made SUBSTANTIAL sacrifices, and committed our past, present, and future service to NWA; we will NOT let NWA outsource our jobs.

  • NWA management has hired executives who have failed at other carriers; and are now promoting their same failed schemes here at Northwest Airlines.

  • Unfortunately, these failed schemes are designed more to provide personal windfalls for executives than contributing to the ultimate success of NWA.

  • Instead of a corporate culture of cooperation, NWA management continues to promote their vision of the future; personal gain and labor exploitation.

  • The NWA MEC and our Negotiators remain in session in NYC; ready to continue good faith negotiations and a TA, as encouraged by Judge Gropper.

  • NWA management appears to be true to their history of delay and overly onerous demands from a pilot group that remains eager to find a solution.

  • NWA pilots, simply by being Northwest pilots, are all too familiar with labor confrontation, including the cost and risk, we want a negotiated settlement.

  • NWA ALPA has no choice but prepare for the worse case of confrontation with management while working around the clock (in NYC) to avoid the same.

There is no doubt that any job action or self-help would be substantially detrimental to the operation and financial stability of Northwest Airlines.

[NWA pilots (ALPA) reserves all of our LEGAL options in a self-help situation; including the timing and type of a necessary job action.]


Ray Miller LEC 20 Chairman

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