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Default McCorkle newsletter

Hello Everyone,

How ya been? Yes, it has been a long time since I've written a newsletter. I've been busy. I've gotten many emails over the past couple of months, like: "Where are you?" "Are you still writing your newsletters?" "I think I dropped off of your list." No, you're still on the list and yes, I will still be writing the newsletters.

Instead of writing one really long newsletter, I thought I would try and send out three shorter versions. Oh yeah, have you seen the new T-shirt that reads "My Daddy went to a Fight and a Union Meeting broke out." Gotta love some members of the IAM. See: http://www.usatoday.com/travel/fligh...on-fight_x.htm

So, when last I wrote to you, we looked at the Department of Transportation's monthly Air Travel Consumer Report. That last newsletter contained data for September, 2005 and as I'm sure you recall, US Airways ranked above average in the On-Time category but below average in the Mishandled Baggage department and was the worst in Consumer Complaints. Was October any better? Let's find out:

1- Hawaiian Airlines ... 96.8%
2- Skywest Airlines ... 86.3
3- Frontier Airlines ... 86.2
4- Comair ... 84.9
6- United Airlines ... 83.0
7- American Eagle Airlines ... 82.7
8- ATA Airlines ... 82.5
9- Independence Air ... 82.5
10- American Airlines ... 82.1
AVERAGE ... 81.3%
11- Southwest Airlines ... 80.8
12- Northwest Airlines ... 80.6
13- Alaska Airlines ... 80.5
14- Delta Air Lines ... 80.1
15- US AIRWAYS ... 79.8
16- Continental Airlines ... 78.1
17- Atlantic Southeast Airlines ... 77.4
18- ExpressJet Airlines ... 76.8
19- JetBlue Airways ... 75.1
20- AirTran Airways ... 74.6

1- CLT ...85.0%
2- PHL ... 71.4

1- DCA ... 86.5
2- PIT ... 84.5
3- BOS ... 73.3
4- LGA ... 69.5

FYI: America West at PHX: 89.1% and at LAS: 83.1%

Of the 33 major U.S. airports covered in the DOT's monthly report, PHL recorded an on-time (if you can call it that) arrival percentage of 69.7, ranking it 29th, just ahead of BOS, MIA, LGA and EWR.

For on-time departures, PHL ranked 31st, (72.1%) which was only slightly better than FLL and EWR.

For October, neither US Airways nor America West had any of the Top Ten worst flights, but boy did ExpressJet really suck. ExpressJet recorded the top three worst flights for October and, in fact, out of the 23 most delayed flights, 13 belonged to ExpressJet. Take the bus.

(worst to best)
20- JetBlue cancelled 294 flights, or 3.1% of their operations.
19- Delta cancelled 1,576 flights, or 3.1% of their operations.
18- Atlantic Southeast cancelled 649 flights, or 2.5% of their operations.
17- ExpressJet (of course) cancelled 832 flights, or 2.4% of their operations.
16- American cancelled 1,297 flights, or 2.4% of their operations.
15- American Eagle cancelled 1,000 flights, or 2.2% of their operations.
14- US AIRWAYS cancelled 675 flights, or 2.0% of their operations.
13- Comair cancelled 641 flights, or 1.9% of their operations.
12- ATA cancelled 61 flights, or 1.8% of their operations.
AVERAGE: 1.8% of operations cancelled in October
11- AirTran cancelled 267 flights, or 1.6% of their operations.
10- Alaska cancelled 193 flights, or 1.5% of their operations.
9- Continental cancelled 363 flights, or 1.5% of their operations.
8- Northwest cancelled 473 flights, or 1.3% of their operations.
7- AMERICA WEST cancelled 214 flights, or 1.3% of their operations.
6- Independence Air cancelled 111 flights, or 1.1% of their operations.
5- Skywest cancelled 496 flights, or 1.1% of their operations.
4- Southwest cancelled 874 flights, or 1.0% of their operations.
3- United cancelled 400 flights, or 1.0% of their operations.
2- Frontier cancelled 59 flights, or 0.9% of their operations.
1- Hawaiian did not cancel any flights in October.
(These 20 airlines cancelled a total of 10,475 flights in October. Additionally, there were 724 diversions)

(reports per 1,000 passengers - best to worst)
1- Independence Air ... 2.57
2- JetBlue ... 2.68
3- Hawaiian ... 2.81
4- AirTran ... 2.96
5- United ... 3.41
6- Alaska ... 3.48
7- ATA ... 3.70
8- Continental ... 3.80
9- AMERICA WEST ... 3.87
10- Northwest ... 3.88
11- Frontier ... 4.07
12- American ... 4.48
13- Southwest ... 4.48
14- Delta ... 5.04
15- ExpressJet ... 6.25
16- Skywest ... 6.89
17- US AIRWAYS ... 7.85
18- Comair ... 8.37
19- American Eagle ... 9.13
20- Atlantic Southeast ... 12.25

(Complaints per 100,000 enplanements - best to worst)
1- ExpressJet ... 0.00 (this defies logic)
2- Hawaiian ... 0.00
3- Comair ... 0.18
4- Southwest ... 0.24
5- Skywest ... 0.27
6- JetBlue ... 0.29
7- Alaska ... 0.38
8- Atlantic Southeast ... 0.58
9- American Eagle ... 0.64
10- AMERICA WEST ... 0.72
11- United ... 0.72
12- Northwest ... 0.73
13- Frontier ... 0.73
14- American ... 0.79
15- AirTran ... 0.90
16- ATA ... 0.96
17- Delta ... 0.99
18- Continental ... 1.03
19- Independence Air ... 1.70
20- who else? US AIRWAYS ... 1.71

So, to recap here, it's the same old song and dance. America West was above-average in all four categories and, in typical fashion, US Airways ranked below-average.

During his Winter town-hall meetings, US Airways CEO Doug Parker was asked why he retained Al Crellin, EVP of Operations from US Airways. As you know, since Mr. Crellin took over as head of Operations for US Airways, the operational numbers have simply tanked. Mr. Parker responded that he thought Mr. Crellin was a good executive. I'm not sure what criteria was used to make that assessment, but the numbers speak for themselves.

You may recall that in early December, 2005, US Airways appointed Ross Bonanno as VP, airport operations - eastern division. Heck, if one guy can't get the job done, hire another. On the one hand, it's unfortunate that an additional person must be hired to achieve something that the person currently in charge of can't. On the other hand, give Doug Parker credit for realizing that there is a serious problem and trying to do something about it -- unlike Bruce Lakefield, who would just stand around and blame the industry or Dave Siegel, who would have outsourced the job.

US Airways is still taking feedback regarding the boarding policy. Board by date of hire or first come, first serve? Better make your opinion heard by emailing it to: [email protected]

Also, the company is taking feedback from all uniformed employees. Have a suggestion about what you want your new uniform to look like? Email your suggestion to: [email protected]

It's funny, the old slogan for Philadelphia was "The City of Brotherly Love." That was changed a few years back to "The City that Loves you Back." Well, they're both crap as far as I'm concerned and I'm guessing there is one recently retired flight attendant who will agree with me. Good luck, Leslie.
See: http://www.philly.com/mld/inquirer/n...l/13834527.htm

Have you noticed the news recently regarding US Airways lowering fares? Gee, who was it that said, for the past several years, that the airline needed to lower fares and become more proactive rather than reactive? Who used to say that all the time? I'll tell you who the idiot was who wouldn't listen: Dave "I'm not going to take the money and run" Siegel.

Okay folks, like I said, short and sweet. I'll have the next newsletter, with November's DOT data, to you within 48 hours and of course, there's more news to discuss.

In the meantime, if this newsletter has been forwarded to you and you would like to receive it directly, just send a blank email to: [email protected]


John McCorkle
Wilmington, NC
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