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Gets Weekends Off
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Default NWA Employee Travel Dress Code?

Can someone with access to RADAR please send me a copy of the NWA Employee Travel Dress Code? Compass employees don't have access to it and our employee website, frankly, sucks.

My girlfriend is traveling this weekend and wants to know about dresses, sandals, sleeveless shirts, and other things I know nothing about.

Thanks in advance.
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Gets Weekends Off
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Here you go...

Dress Code


It is the policy of Northwest Airlines that all pass, reduced rate and companion travelers are expected to dress and be groomed in accordance with standards of good taste when traveling on Northwest Airlines or any other airline. Persons who do not meet the following Northwest standards may be refused transportation on NWA and are subject to being denied transportation at intermediate points along the way.

First and World Business Class

Well groomed, neat, clean traditional or casual business attire.
Male: trousers, slacks or jeans (except blue jeans) with shirt or turtleneck or sweater and business or casual shoes. All must be appropriate office attire. Coats or sports jackets and ties are not required.
Female:dress, trousers, slacks, denim jumpers, denim skirts or jeans (except no blue denim), pantsuits, skirts or mid-calf or below capri pants with blouse, shirt, turtleneck, sweater or top that is suitable office attire. Business or casual shoes, including sandals, appropriate for office attire. Socks or hosiery is not required. No flip flops permitted.

Ages 16 years and under may wear tennis/athletic footwear that is not torn or frayed when traveling in First, World Business or Coach Class.

Coach Class

Well groomed, neat, clean attire, conservative and in good taste. Clothing such as denim jumpers, skirts or blue jeans, hiking or military-style boots, athletic or tennis shoes, golf or walking shorts, and baseball caps are acceptable in coach class.

Unacceptable boarding attire in any class of service

Any clothing that is worn, torn, frayed, has patches (including designer holes), sweat clothing or workout attire. Gym-type clothing such as sweat shirts, sweat pants, leotards, tights or jogging suits, T-shirts, bare feet, bathing suits, beach sandals (flip-flops or thongs), sheer or see-through clothing, tank tops, muscle shirts and undergarments worn as outer garments.

Unacceptable boarding attire in First or World Business Class

All of the above plus blue denim jumpers, skirts or jeans, athletic or tennis shoes, hiking or military-style boots, golf or walking shorts, baseball caps, skin-tight or form-fitting pants (except when worn with mid-thigh length top).

Travel Etiquette


It is the policy of Northwest Airlines that our revenue customers always come first. Those traveling on passes or reduced rate tickets are reminded that such travel is "space available", and that if necessary may be "bumped" from a flight or even deplaned after boarding. Pass travelers may also be downgraded from their desired class of service and/or may not be served meals or snacks depending on the needs of our revenue customers onboard.


Participation in Northwest Airlines pass and reduced rate travel programs is a privilege. To ensure that such travel remains a positive experience for both pass riders and our customers, please keep the following in mind:

Be discreet and professional.
Since the pass traveler is often the last to board and space is limited, pass travelers are encouraged to check their luggage. Federal regulations require that all check luggage have identification attached.
Please do not request special service or considerations from ground or in-flight personnel. Respect your colleagues who are on duty by cooperating and complying with all rules and regulations.
When traveling with children, ensure they do not interfere with the comfort of revenue passengers or the service offered by the flight attendants.
Please do not ask passengers to relocate their seating arrangements for your convenience.
Avoid unnecessary or lengthy conversations with flight attendants.
Do not list on multiple flights on the same day of travel.
Do not list on multiple flights on different days traveling to the same destination.
Do not list on multiple flights for multiple destinations within the same vicinity on the same day.
Avoid discussing or displaying your status as a pass traveler.
During in-flight meal service, discreetly identify yourself as a pass traveler to the flight attendant. If a choice of entrees is available, tell the flight attendant you will be pleased to accept whatever is available to ensure all revenue passengers have their meal choice.
Alcoholic beverages may be consumed in moderation.


Employees are responsible to ensure that they are familiar with all pass travel related policies and procedures and that their family members and companions (whether traveling with or without the employee) are also aware and comply with these policies.
Please be reminded again that pass and reduced rate travel is a privilege. As with any privilege, eligibility can be suspended or terminated for failure to comply with NWA published policies and procedures.
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Gets Weekends Off
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Fantastic! Thanks a lot, I owe you a beer.
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