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Default Delta Meteorology

Great clip put out by Delta about the Meteorlogy Dept.

Delta Meteorology - YouTube
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I like these. Delta needs to keep doing more of this stuff. Makes the airline look more human, instead of some giant company that doesn't care about customers. I would have liked to see in this video how the work they do, makes it to the airplane, and how they communicate back and forth with the pilots. And then how that information is used, in real time, to keep the passengers safe.
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Tom Fahey, is a rock star in the Meteorology world!
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Years ago I attended a flying club talk given by a senior Delta weather office guy, it may have been this same fellow. Fascinating talk. I recall his saying that he or another Delta meteorologist has to sign off on every dispatch release, or the flight does not go.
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Thumbs up C.L. Chandler

Delta old-timers may recall this legendary meteorologist:

This is the 21st anniversary of the C.L. Chandler award. This annual award is the highest honor our chapter can give to an individual or group which advances the atmospheric sciences and excels in meteorology during the past year. It is given in honor and memory of Mr. C. L. Chandler who for decades led the Delta Meteorology Department in the 1950s through the 1980s. His extreme passion for aviation meteorology led the way in the studies of forecasting flight winds and turbulence for safer travel and the use of the jet stream for airline cost efficiency.

--ATL chapter, AMS/NWA
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Hence the endearing name "Chandler chop"...usually around 310-340.
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As a degreed meteorologist myself, with a masters in applied meteorology, and many years forecasting experience, I can say these men and women are the spear head of an efficient operation! Any airline would drool at the resource this department provides for their front-line crews.

With that said, and most meteorologists agree, that forecasting is theoretical and an art, and we forecast using all data available - including pilot reports. Please provide these reports to your company even if you think they are inconsequential - but especially if the weather is different than planned! A few keystokes on ACARS will provide the gaps in data your forecasters need.
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