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Mergers and Acquisitions Facts, rumors, and conjecture

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Default A Conceptual Framework for a Merger?

Seems like a good idea to me... copied from another site...


Originally Posted by ~~~^~~~ View Post
Career Protection & Progression

“Cross-Bidding” System
    • All pilots at DAL-NWA are provided with two seniority numbers.
    • The first number is their current seniority number used for bidding purposes within their current airline fleet.
    • The second number is an ALPA-issued “system” number used to bid vacancies at the combined carrier. Method for assigning the system number T.B.D. (“W2”, D.O.H., etc.)
    • Future new-hires would have two identical numbers.
  • Methodology
    • The current DAL and NWA fleets are identified by ship number and/or distinct aircraft types (the only aircraft common to both companies is the 757.)
    • When bidding vacancies within their original fleet , a pilot’s original airline seniority number would take precedence.
    • “New” aircraft, in terms of either quantity or type, would be open to bids based upon the pilot’s system number.
    • In the event of furloughs, a pilot to have the option of exercising cross-bid rights, using their system number, or accepting furlough pursuant to the PWA.
  • Examples
    • A senior NWA B-747 captain, SN 200, would perhaps receive the numbers 200/325 while a senior DAL 767 captain, SN 200, might have the number 200/400.
    • A new-hire, hired after the merger, would have two identical numbers, say 10,000/10,000.
    • Future 747/A330 vacancies would be first filed by the current NWA pilots.
    • 767 vacancies would be first filled by the current DAL pilots.
    • A-320 vacancies would be NWA, B-737 vacancies would be DAL.
  • Benefits
    • Creates the benefits of a merged list without many of the problems associated with outright merger of diverse seniority lists.
    • Creates credible career protections and advancement opportunities for all pilots.
    • The order of precedence between the two numbers effectively creates seat and base protections.
    • Over time, the seniority lists become effectively merged as a greater percentage of pilots, hired after the merger, have identical seniority and system numbers.
Someone sent this concept to me for our use and I think it is the best balance I've seen for base and seat protections which allow for unrestricted growth. This would reduce some, but not all, the pressure on the Merger Committees to resolve the intractable issues of seniority integration.

I can think of possible tweaks, like whether or not aircraft on order are included in each airline's allocation, or are open for future bidding with the combined system number.

I think the pilots can stand behind the right plan for the benefit of their careers, their employers and the profession.

I'm asking for your consideration of this idea. If you think it has merit, send it to your Reps on both sides. Maybe this board can be used at the grass roots level for something constructive after all.

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Sounds interesting, and is certainly worth debating. Unfortunately, it also appears as if ALPA has absolutely no interest in gathering or using the opinions of the line pilots in these negotiations...
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