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Military SB Slots Open for MX and Motor Pool

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Military SB Slots Open for MX and Motor Pool

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Default Military SB Slots Open for MX and Motor Pool

Baker Aviation is a Part 135 Operator of unscheduled flights throughout the US, Latin America, North S. America, Canada, all of the US and the Caribbean.

We have Citation X's and are need of interested in miltary aviation mechanics as well as motor pool technicians who are interested in applying for positions described below. Baker has been a huge participant in the SB with pilots having had over 30 SB pilots in the last 2 years, many that are still on property but many who have gone to other positions in civilian aviation.

The opportunity for military aviation mechanics and motor pool automotive technicians to transition to a civilian career in aviation is an exciting opportunity. The good news, is you don't have to move anywhere to get onboard? How is that possible? Read below

Baker Aviation

Hiring Skilled Technicians
Introducing a brand new pilot program Automotive Technicians to transition into the aviation maintenance industry at Baker Aviation.

We are recruiting Automotive Technicians to join our aviation repair/maintenance team to support our fleet of Citation X aircraft. Because we have an FAA part 145 Certified Repair Station we can hire Technicians under an apprenticeship and obtain your repairman's certificate for you in the first few months of employment. Within the first 6 months you could be eligible for your FAA Airframe License if you meet the milestones of the program.

Our new hires will participate in a brand new program in which you will work in our repair shop conducting regular maintenance and repairs under direct supervision and then you will transition to support our fleet out in the field.

The program consists of three phases:

Phase 1

Three months.

Pay: $60,000-$85,000 Depending on your level of Automotive Proficiency and current pay.


Fully paid health insurance. We pay the entire premium which is up to a $3500 per month value if you have a family.
401K - we contribute 3% as profit sharing to your account. You do not need to contribute.
Company supplied housing accommodations in Fort Worth Texas
Description - Hands-on in shop training in Fort Worth Texas. During this phase you will report to our maintenance facility under a regular work schedule determined by the Director of Maintenance (DOM) and conduct maintenance and repairs to aircraft as under supervision of a licensed mechanic. You will be able to immediately apply your Automotive background for disassembly, reassembly, troubleshooting, and servicing of aircraft. Our licensed mechanics will supervise you and provide mentorship on aviation related fundamentals. You will also complete an online training program so that you will be eligible for your FAA written exam for Airframe License.

Phase 2

Pay and Benefits - Same as Phase 1

Description - Three months. Transition to Field Support Technician ( we use the term AOG in the industry) . During this phase you will report to the shop on a modified schedule and be part of an “on call” team to respond to broken aircraft around the country. This is an exciting opportunity to travel and solve real world problems with the aircraft. During this phase you will get to understand the role of the Field Support Technician and adjust to learning how to get work completed on the road utilizing our pre-stage support vans and partner shops/service providers to ensure that our aircraft are repaired with minimal downtime.

Phase 3

Pay and Benefits: $100,000.00 - $150,000.00 per year with the same benefits except you live where you want. No housing will be provided.
Description - Field Support Technician. 7 days on, 7 days off. This is the final phase of the program and is the ultimate goal of the program. You will transition to a Field Support Technician and work a 7 day on, 7 day off schedule supporting aircraft out in the field during your 7 days on. You will travel on Wednesday to support aircraft and remain traveling until returning home the next Wednesday (Tuesday PM if able). This is the full time position that we currently hire experienced technicians for.
Benefits of transitioning to Aviation Maintenance:
Fewer makes/models to be proficient in
Cleaner working environment for most tasks
No need for continuous investment in tooling
Regulated industry which promotes safety and doing the job correctly
Very strong earnings potential with benefits
Unique work schedules that can provide more time off or provide more time at home depending on your preference
Be part of a team that supports real world operations and directly contributes to the success of the company
No more working for free or having to eat unsold diagnostic time

Please email or txt me if you are interested

[email protected]
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