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Drone Pilots: "Overpaid, Underworked, and Bored" | Mother Jones
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Why would any of these dudes agree to an interview from Mother Jones? RPA pilots complaining? Who would have thunk it? You could put a reporter with any anonymous pilot in the military, and they are going to complain about something.
I am sure there are plenty of great dudes doing the RPA thing. I am just sad that this is the way they are being represented to America's public. Shame on whoever put themselves out there to become a pawn in this piece of pure garbage reporting.
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Yeah, why mother jones??? Morons.
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I'll be the argumentative one, I didn't think it was bad. They seemed smart enough to somewhat hide their identities. Didn't slam career field--I see far worse in these boards. Think it covered two main points--it's vitally important, and it's boring.
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That article is trash. How many errors can there be: there are no combat missions flown from Holloman, a RPA pilot talking about shooting a 2,000 lb missile, a pilot talking about when he enlisted or even saying he didn't know how much pilots get paid before he enlists as if there are different pays ales, etc. Either this reporter has been had, the story is fabricated, or it's just a bad reporter.
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