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Hourly rates and inflation

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Default Hourly rates and inflation

These are the CRJ-200 rates Comair struck for in 2001:

1. $54.40 21.00
2. $56.09 33.53
3. $57.81 34.57
4. $59.61 35.64
5. $61.45 37.88
6. $63.35 39.06
7. $65.31 40.25
8. $67.33
9. $69.41
10. $71.56
11. $73.77
12. $76.05
13. $78.41
14. $80.83
15. $83.33
16. $85.83

Adjusting those 2001 hourly rates solely for CPI inflation, a probationary 50 seat FO would make $24.72 and a 5th year CA would make $72.34, with the top of the longevity scale (16 years) topping out at $101.04.

Comair's 700 rates were around 9% higher than the 50 seat rates in 2001. Adjusting those for CPI inflation, a 2nd year 700 FO would make $43.58 and a 5th year 700 CA would make $79.58, with the 700 pay scale topping out at 18 years longevity and $120.06 per hour.

Compare this to ASA's TA'd hourly rates....probationary FO pay $23.00/hr, 2nd year 700 FO pay $37.61, 5th year 200 CA pay $65.68, 18 year 700 CA pay $103.62. I know ASA was in negotiations for 5 years, and that Comair has taken concessions from their 2001 CBA. I know that ASA had labor cost pressures from not only Skywest but other DCI carriers, and that their TA improves work rules that will increase QOL *and* their W2. This is not a knock on ASA pilots, rather a statement of mathematical fact.

That said, none of those factors changes the fact that on a dollar-for-dollar basis, we as small jet pilots (and most airline pilots, for that matter) are not only failing to maintain our level of compensation...we are losing ground!!!

Let us not forget this simple fact as MAG, PNCL, RAH, and others enter into collective bargaining!

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Thanks for the post boiler.
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Thanks for the post. We are flying larger and larger aircraft and working more hours with less sleep and less experienced crewmembers for less money when adjusted for inflation and cost of living. We need to take back this profession and raise the bar. We are in the driver's seat due to lack of pilots. Everyone show backbone and stand together on this. It's too important not to.
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Hey, if we are paid more the owners won't be able to buy Range Rovers for their high-school daughters.

BoilerUP is right.

Everyone entering negotiations MUST stand firm. More pay and better conditions. For all. No B-Scales. No loopholes. No excuses.
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