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Regional Airline Association at work...

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Regional Airline Association at work...

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Default Regional Airline Association at work...

From the 2009 RAA convention being held in Salt Lake City, UT. this month...

Praising the regional airline industry for its “mammoth achievement of professionalism and safety levels equal to mainstream airlines…and probably higher,” John Nance, an internationally recognized air safety analyst and advocate, cautioned regional airline executives to withstand the media scrutiny after the Colgan Air accident and “celebrate that you have accomplished a tremendous effort.” Now completing more than 50% of all the nation’s flights, regionals are the backbone of the air transportation system.
Regional Jet Scope Clause Limitations - May 2009
US Major Airlines & Low Cost Carriers
Carrier Maximum Seats Max Wt. Allowed Number Other Limitations
Alaska Airlines* No limit No limit No limit None
AirTran 70 100,000 lb No limit Commuters may not exceed 17.5% of Company ASMs, increasing
to 18%, 18.5%, 19%, 19.5% and 20%, if Company fleet exceeds
60, 70, 80, 90 and 100 aircraft, respectively. Commuter ASMs will
limited to 75% of the above if the Company's block hours do not
grow year-over-year.
American Airlines 50 64,500 lb
Total regional aircraft may
not exceed 110% of mainline
narrowbody aircraft.
(1) Nonstop block hour flying between key airports (DFW/ORD/ MIA/
JFK/SFO/LAX/LGA/STL/SJU/BOS) by wholly-owned
commuters may not exceed 1.25% of total mainline block hours;
(2) Non-majority-owned commuters may not fly nonstop between
those key cities; (3) 85% of all majority-owned carrier RJ flying must
be to/from those key airports. For non-affiliates, 100%; (4) If the
number of mainline crewmembers drops below 7,300, the union
may terminate the commuter scope provisions.
Exception granted for CRJ-700s
operated by American Eagle until
aircraft are transferred to the AA’s
operating certificate. If no agreement
on transfer then furloughed
AA pilots will fly as Captains on
the aircraft as long as AA pilots
are on furlough.
50 No limit 274. Additional RJs may
be added with mainline
No express carrier flying between hubs.
Delta Air Lines 50 65,000 lb No limit (1) Maximum of 255 jets with 51-76 seats; (2) 85%+ of commuter
flying <900 miles; (3) 90%+ of commuter flying will be to/from
hubs; (4) Max of 6% inter-hub flying (except TPA/FLL/ORD).
51-70 86,000 lb 255
71-76 86,000 lb 120; may increase with
growth in mainline fleet.
Exception: Up to 36 EMB-175s operated at premerger
NW may continue at 89,000 lb
JetBlue No limit No limit No limit None
Midwest Airlines No limit No limit No limit None
No limit No limit No limit None
Spirit Airlines No limit No limit No limit None
United Airlines 70 80,000 lb No limit
(1) Regional block hours < mainline block hours; (2) Min. 90% of
flying to/from key cities/hubs unless cost-effective; (3) Feeder flying
with jets >50 seats requires jets-for-jobs; (4) No non-stops between
hubs and/or DCA/MIA/LGA/EWR/JFK/SEA unless cost effective (exception
for IAD to/from LGA/EWR/JFK) (5) No new feeder flying on any
market operated by UA in past 24 months unless UA would not earn
an adequate return.
Exception: Up to 18 BAe-146s at
Air Wisconsin; may be replaced by
BAe-146s, AVRO-85s or other a/c
up to 85 seats and 90,000 lb.
Exception: EMB-170s certified for
78 seats and 82,100 lb, but must
be configured to 70 seats.
US Airways
(1) Small RJ: 44 seats (includes
CRJ240/400 with 40 seats and up
and 53,000 lb);
46,600 lb 150
(1) 70 medium RJs may fly for any regional; (2) All other RJs must
fly for “participating” regionals, with half the jobs reserved for furloughed
US Pilots under Jets-for-Jobs (3) Up to 55 CRJ700/701s may
fly for another affiliate under Jets-for-Jobs; (4) Up to 60 CRJ700/701s
may fly for a US subsidiary carrier under Jets-for-Jobs; (5) Maximum
of 6% of express segments may be nonstops between hubs (excluding
to/from LGA/DCA/BOS); (6) 80% of nonstop flights are limited to
<950 miles. (Also see below)
(2) Medium RJ: 45-50 seats (incl.
CRJ240/400 with >40 seats);
65,000 lb Medium RJs and large RJs
up to 315. Add 2 large or
medium RJs for each US
mainline group 2 a/c and
1 large or
(3) Large RJ: 51-88 seats 90,000 lb medium RJ for each US
mainline group 3 a/c
US Airways
88 (two-class) or 90 (one-class) 90,000 lb 38 CRJ-900 or equivalent
(71-88/90 seats); 50
CRJ-700/900 or equivalent
(51-88/90 seats);
75 CRJ-200/700/900 or
equivalent (up to 88/90
seats); additional RJs may
be added with mainline
fleet growth.
*Merger Transition Agreement allows for a combined 93 CRJ-900
or equivalent a/c (up to 88/90 seats) at both US Airways East and
US Airways West at non-wholly owned carriers; may increase with
growth in combined fleets.
*Note - Alaska and Southwest provisions do not account for recent tentative agreements at both carriers.
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