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Loser prop pilots
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Default Interviews in August

Anyone hear anything about the recent interviews held in August anyone got the yes no answer yet???
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Anyone know if the 21 Aug class is for the Beech or Saab?
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both beech and saab
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Ihate you GW
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I love you GW
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First off, let me apologize for reopening a 5 week old thread. This tool has absolutely no idea what he is talking about. He is crying and whining about how the company is trying to screw him because he doesn't know the FAR's.

You are the only one looking out for yourself. You need to know the Policies and Procedures better than anyone. You have to or everyday you will find yourself in a situation where you could be violated.
Doesn't every airline require you to know your policies and procedures and ensure that you don't bust FAR's?

The only guys that I have seen that are happy at Colgan are those that have a family and their home is near where they are based. It makes it nice with being home everynight and still flying. You might see a few brand new pilots that are excited with 700 hours to be flying in 121.
Single, 2200hrs, 1700 miles from home and happy at Colgan as a pig in ****.

It doesn't take long for you to realize just what is being thrown at you. Looking back in a 24 hour period to see you have the proper rest for your flight time means just that...24 hours (3pm today until 3pm yesterday) So when dispatch is trying to make you violate that you have yourself and the chief-pilot to help. So what do you think is said when you call him to back you up. "If the computer says you are legal you are legal." So I call and ask what time my rest started and it was marked as a time when I was still in the air flying. So hell yeah the computer will say I am okay. Computers can be wrong especially when it is human entering the determining factors. So the second call I get told that looking back in a 24 hour period means looking back to midnight.
So dispatch is responsible for you calling in your proper times and ops entering them as such? Dispatch's job is to get the airplane from A to B. They use computers to do this. Does the computer throw up a flag when someone enters wrong information? Probably not. Sometimes you get someone new that has to deal with all the different "day" requirements that they get them mixed up - 24hrs for duty, midnight to midnight for airworthiness, etc. You pointed out to them their error and they left you alone. What's wrong with that?

Your reserve crew is your AM crew and when they get done around 12 they go out and cover what needs to be done...16 hours people.
Just like the FAR says..........

Part 91 cannot go over 16 hours
Couldn't find that one in Part 91.

You can do 91 over your 8 hour flight time but not duty time. I can pull it where it says it both for Part 135 and Part 121. I tell people here all the time that if you were able and legal to do...then why do they offer you another day off or something else for helping them out...
True, you can do Pt 91 over your 8 hrs flight time. False, Not duty time. You are operating Pt 91 and all you need to return to Pt 121 service is a required rest period (assuming your 30/7 is still legal). They offer another day off because they know they are inconveniencing you and may need to do so again in the future so it's a kind of peace offering.

I can pull it where it says it both for Part 135 and Part 121.
No, you can't.

I might be a bitter employee but I try to tell people what lies ahead because one thing is for sure. We all spent a lot of time and money to get where we are and this isn't a place I want to throw it all away. I came here for experience and maybe an upgrade. I can't endure anymore. I fullfilled my contract and I am moving on.
You are a bitter employee and good riddance to you. You got what you came here for, by your own admission.

On a seperate note, I applaud you for staying until the end of your contract and not trying to *** out on it.
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