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Originally Posted by bubi352 View Post
I was ACY based for some time. I flew into PHL all the time and drove to ACY. I parked my car at Preflight. It was $90 a month.

I am based in ACY for another company but I live within driving distance. Many of the guys from work commute into ACY on Spirit from Detroit, Chicago and Fort Lauderdale (Myrtle Beach and Orlando are also cities where you can fly into ACY from). The other way to get directly to ACY is Airtran from Atlanta but I think that service is being cut Jan 8th, 2012. If you fly into Philly, you either need a car or get familiar with the train routes. It can be done via train and taxi but it takes a little research. You cannot get directly to the airport via train. There is a car service that you can use but it costs around $80 one way between the airports. (PHL/ACY)

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