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Default American Eagle ALPA & AA APA Strike

ALPA American Eagle MEC and APA American Airlines have both been given Opportunitys at contracts. ALPA AE MEC will be voting soon on a TA. In contrast, APA has yet to come to an agreement on a TA.

Why not have an organized strike? AA flight attendants are also waiting on a TA. We will see in a few months the outcome of the AE ALPA vote on the TA. Both AE and AA need to strike.

You suppose Obama will just order us back to work? what happens if every crew member refuses Obama's demand to return to work. We get fired? I'd like to say where will AMR find replacement pilots for AE or AA? But I guess there are several pilots at regionals that would love an opportunity at AA.

But it would be nice if unions had bargaining power similar to decades ago. Qantas couldn't even strike.

If AE and AA could organize a strike, we could send a signal to management. Even if Obama ordered us back to work it'll take several days. Meanwhile, the message has already been sent to AMR management. They need the message to stop pocketing millions while running the corporation poorly.
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