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Originally Posted by N2264J View Post
You and your fellow climate cranks desperately want to make this about politics but physics, biology and chemistry have no politics.
Oddly enough the people you commonly refer to as cranks and sociopaths are the ones pointing to the flaws in the science instead of following the political herd your posted articles fawn over.

It should not be a political issue, but you have done nothing but support the faulty "science" and failed politics in your posts.

It is hard to believe you can post things like "The Nation" article or support the UN proposals with anything like a straight face. No science, but lots of hot air.

"My favorite quote of all those uncovered was from the climate criminal who asked his colleagues what would happen to them if it was discovered that climate change was “mainly a multidecadal natural fluctuation,” as much of the evidence shows. He answers his own question: “They’ll kill us probably.”

The fact is they "killed" all of their own credibility by attempting one of the largest public swindles in history. This swindle has nothing to do with science.
For such "smart" guys they really didn't know much about operational security, but like most criminals they didn't think they would get caught.

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