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Originally Posted by Busboy View Post
Even people that don't stay at a Holiday Inn Express are aware that Earth cools and warms in cycles. There is no point in arguing about that.

The debate is over how much, if any, man is contributing to the current level and rate of warming. Many of you geniuses seem to agree with the minute percentage of qualified scientists that believe humans are not a significant factor in global warming...Rather than the overwhelming majority of scientists, that believe "human induced green house warming" is now occurring.

Now, unlike you APC climatology experts...I'm not completely sure. But, I'm inclined to go with the majority of people that are qualified to have an opinion that anyone should really care about. And, that group of people certainly doesn't include any of you.

Just sayin'.

You bring up a couple of interesting points, to which I may return later. One thing that it is essential to realize is that there is not one debate, but several concurrent ones.

The debate to which you refer is, on one level, a strictly scientific one. but it is not "the" debate; rather, it is one of many.

Another debate, about which there is not a consensus, is whether the prescriptions of the various elements of the AGW side of the argument pass the cost/benefit analysis.

Many thoughtful people, including some who think that the Earth's atmosphere is warming and the climate is changing due to human CO2 emissions, think that the AGW solutions will cause a much more immediate and certain catastrophe than will the greenhouse gasses.


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