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Originally Posted by Twin Wasp View Post
A GS 11 base starts at about 50k.
Originally Posted by shadyops View Post
With 25 percent locality pay the announcement stated starting pay is 91k

I would like to hit my 1000 pic mark before leaving too...
The highest locality pay is the 25% I'm pretty sure so you'd be moving to one of the highest cost of living areas too then.

The math still doesn't add up. I don't remember but like TW said - starting at GS-11 is something in the $50k range. I used $55k and then added the 25% locality pay ($13,750) and came up with $68,750 total.

Do you have a link to the announcement shady?

There is a Aviation Safety Inspector (Cabin Safety) job open in Miramar, FL currently on the site. It shows that it starts at a GS-12 ($60,274)+(15,068 - 25% loc pay) = $75,342

Now I don't know how long you stay a GS-12. Maybe there are quick promotions with some training. For instance, I was hired at GS-11, but within 1.5 months and the P135 Indoc course under my belt I was a GS-12.

I hve a hard time believing that you start in the $90k range, BUT it is still a good pay check and steady work (except for that little burp sometime ago).
The benefits are good and there is a retirement check at the end of 20 - though nowhere near what it use to be with FERS vice CSRS.

There are lots of other jobs at the FAA shady if you are interested in other aspects of aviation, I'm interested in the safety realm if I lose my medical for instance. I have a long safety background and wouldn't mind putting it to work in any number of departments within the FAA (education, training, etc...) and like I said before - once on board - moving around inside the agency (not to mention the entire gov't GS wide) is much easier. Just something else to think about.


Shady - there are a few other threads with some information like this one:

You can also search FAA+Safety in the titles and come up with a few other threads that might give you some answers.

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