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"...and like I said before - once on board - moving around inside the agency (not to mention the entire gov't GS wide) is much easier. Just something else to think about.


I agree with USMCFLYR, the hard part is getting in. Once you are in, moving around the system can be easy. A booming area in the future is UAVs. I was originally hired in at the J Band/ 13 Level for my position, UAV Safety Inspector. After being furloughed from UAL, it took me a year and half to find a job. This is not a bad place to be depending on your supervisor. I have heard some bad stories. I hear FSDO life can be tough the first year. Like they say, the grass is always greener on the other side. If UAL ever gets their act together, I may return. If it wasn't for the ability to continue flying with the Navy Reserve, I would be pulling out my hair.

USMCFLYR send me a PM. Would like to talk about Flight Check.

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