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Originally Posted by chrisreedrules View Post
I know a couple guys that have been spun by students in a multi... it always happens when you least expect it and when you are least prepared for it. Beware a secondary spin! Once you stop rotation and return the nose to the horizon, remember to ease off the rudder. A buddy of mine spun a twin from 4500 and then got into a secondary spin and managed to recover at about 1,000 feet. Scary stuff. He had to pretty much push the nose over 90* to break the stall.

I almost spun the aircraft when I was working on my multi... it was my first Vmc demo and I let the aircraft roll over about 90* before realizing what was happening. It happened so fast (the Tecnam really liked to snap over with a quickness) that even my instructor wasn't prepared. He had over 500 multi hours at the time. BE VIGILANT!
Had a spin happen to a DPE on a checkride. He was VERY shaken up when he came back and didn't say much. Smoked probably 3 cigarettes. We were all like ?????
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