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Originally Posted by vincentmoy View Post
I got my CFI this pass July and a friend of mine, who is a commercial rated pilot but not current, are planning to rent a plane and fly around next week.

Now I'm not associate with the FBO and I'm wondering if I can log dual time with him.
It's simple. If you are giving instruction, you log dual. If you are not, you don't. That's the FAA's point of view.

Your association or lack of association with the FBO is a factor in your decision whether or not to give instruction in one of the airplanes they operate. One thing you can do is ask the FBO. Some FBOs don't care. Most in my experience, however, do, usually because it affects their insurance. Assuming the answer is no, it's still your choice whether to comply or to expose the FBO and yourself to legal risk in the case of a mishap.

Also, can he log currency in it if he does 3 touch and goes with me in the plane?
Do you see anything in 61.57 that says whether landings for currency require someone else in the plane or to be solo? No? I don't either.

Or are you saying that the pilot is not already passenger current and you are wondering whether he can take you up with him anyway. The answer goes back to whether or not the two of you are considering this an instructional flight. If it's an instructional flight, neither of you needs to be passenger-current (the FAA Chief Counsel has said that neither a student nor CFI on an instructional flight is a "passenger" under 61.51) ; if it's not an instructional flight, the one who is acting as PIC needs to be current.
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