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Originally Posted by N2264J View Post
Skeptics can be persuaded by facts. Cranks can not. The flat earthers who post here are cranks. They're embrace of the anti-intellectual dogma of the fossil fuel industry
will ultimately have the affect of marginalizing their voices to the "bitter but irrelevant" column.

Pilots in the 21st century who dismiss the overwhelming scientific evidence is an appalling spectacle.

We eagerly await any science you care to post. Unfortunately you continue to post tripe and pretend it is science.

Climate change is indeed real, when both hemispheres of the Earth were covered in a miles thick ice sheet and that ice sheet melted-that is climate change. There are many examples of this and equally radical climate change in the past. Clearly man had no influence in the radical climate change of the past.

What we would really like to know is what caused those climate changes, what the optimum temperature is for Earth, and how we can achieve that optimum temperature.
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