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Originally Posted by FlyerJosh View Post
Not an SIC logging question...

It's a question about minimum qualifications to sit in the right seat for a non-type rated FO.
Come on, FO = SIC here. You can put your pet marmots in the right seat if no other pilot is required, but the question is who is qualified, and if they are qualified the next question should be are they necessary. That's SIC logging, bar none. We have been up and down about people logging time that isn't required to legally fly some airplane on the right side. Maybe Huggy doesn't care about claiming his hours, having flown U2s and all, but he should at least know if he is legal and required in this one. Sounds like if they had a regular guy they need one is this Hawker.

....OP stated aircraft type is a Hawker...
Ok, like which one? Some may be single-pilot certified. Are you sure none are?
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