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Originally Posted by P-3Bubba View Post
Well, if you haven't heard it was a gang-busters quarter for the company and the industry. With today's announcement of the new fleet planning and integration, NOW, is the perfect time for all the haters to join the ranks of the Legacy's. (Please see yahoo finance under ticker symbol JBLU for details) Enjoy sharing in the misery of seniority integration, base displacement during integration and of course starting at the bottom of a 13,000 list. Quick math -[10% of the seniority list at Delta = 1,300 pilots] JetBlue, you ask? 280 pilots. We'll add that next year with terrestrial growth. Good luck to you and your shiny big jets.
Hmm, guess we must be hiring the wrong pilots... "No problem hiring pilots, just keeping them" says Dave Bardger CEO jetblue airways.

Why would pilots leave for those failed models of airlines?

Besides, even if jetblue furloughed you,( by god which they never have before,) they will pay you until you're 65! Getting hired at jetblue is better than winning he lotto!

Tell us p3 why would a jetblue pilot leave for a failed model airline?
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