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Originally Posted by 80ktsClamp View Post
There certainly are many options... what intrigues me is how they knew to go NORDO with the hand off to vietnam control. That makes it trend toward one of the pilots, though of course not conclusively. Every answer leads to 500 more questions...

I just read that the last satellite ping was about 1000 miles off the west coast of Austrailia.
A single pilot going nuts, with 238 people not willing to go along, requires some sort of of Silk Air scenario, where you bring the flight down before people can react, in such a violent way they can't react.

In my mind, to keep the crowd controlled, or guessing wrong, you almost certainly have to have several people involved. And you have multiple people involved, you have training and coordination. You know to turn off the txpndr, and not talk about it on the radio. Basic. So there nothing I see that requires one of the pilots to participate, vs. any bad guy being introduced into the cockpit after the pilots are neutralized.

No pilot helped turn over an airplane on 9/11. Maybe this time is different, maybe it isn't.
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