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Default Jetblue anti-union tactics

It appears jetblue management is putting on the full court press by targeting the junior folks to convince them not to vote for a CBA. Below is an excerpt from the bluepilots website. (I do not have proof, but this is what's going through the grapevine.)

"Not sure if this was in another thread or not, but just got visual email confirmation on how they are targeting the newbies.

< 1yr FO got a call from a "pilot on the drive" inviting him to Boston. I can only assume this was a BOOB as he did not want to identify what pilot called him. Then gets texts from another mgmt type. All expense paid. Hotel, Food, Attend a Dog & Pony Show. In Boston.
Here is the kicker: Company will BUY HIS RESERVE Days off him to do this. Never mind that we are short, and putting out RSAs on a regular basis.

This is why there is so much focus on Boston. Sad and pathetic they have to pay people to come to these meetings. I actually think it's an outrage."

If this is true, it could be construed as vote tampering. Company better be careful.

New folks - Take it from an 8 year guy who, when I started, wanted nothing to do with unions. I have swung the full 180 degrees from NO to YES to Organizing Committee. WE NEED A CBA. Our professional well-being, individually and collectively, is not the company's priority. The only people who will look out for us is US. A strong voter turnout with a very large YES vote (I'm hoping for 80+%) will help us in negotiations.

(Def: "BOOB" equals "BOB" equals "Band of Blue" which references a former group of anti-CBA folks during a previous vote. Thankfully, many of them have seen the light and joined the fight.
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