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Originally Posted by captwilko View Post
Don't worry. Enough of us new hires have been wronged at previous carriers and we understand the need for a strong CBA and an advocate. As other new guys I got the call to attend these dinners. My mind has been made up on this vote since before I was hired so I won't attend. Nothing personal against the company. I've actually been treated with nothing but respect and professionalism and can say I like it very much here. But I plan to retire from here and realize the need for a CBA to ensure we get what is fair.
Then again, I was ALPA in my previous job and we got played repeatedly by management, with out MEC's help. I hope that we can get good people in, people that will stand strong but not ostracize management to where dialogue and mutual respect become impossible.
I'm glad to hear that. Good post.
Please call all of your buds from your class and spread the word. This place will have a bright future with the right guys on the MEC. If this vote fails...not so much (get your apps ready).
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