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Originally Posted by Happy Camper
Here's a question about how you logged some of your flight time when you were getting your instrument/commercial ratings etc. Let's assume you got your Private in a C-172. Then say you did your Instrument and Commercial training in a C-172 as well. How did you log your flight time while working on your Instrument and Commercial license? Did you log it as both PIC and dual received? That's how I did it.

The reason I ask is because I am filling out an airline application and they have the following columns on the flight time grid: PIC/INSTRUCTOR/SIC/DUAL. Instructor and PIC columns are obvious but would you add your flight time from the above scenario in both the PIC and DUAL columns if you were filling out this application?

Some people argue that PIC+INSTRUCTOR+SIC+DUAL should equal TOTAL TIME. Others argue that it is legit to log flights as both PIC and Dual at the same time. Here's the dilemma...if I can log it as both, there are some better airline jobs I can apply for today. If not, I will have to wait 3-4 months before I meet the "PIC" minimums.

What has been your experience with how most companies (both Regional and Major) want this information filled out?
It is clearly legal and normal to log PIC while receiving dual if you are rated in the aircraft. If you have at least a private in that type a/c, it's PIC. So instrument and commercial training can normally be logged as both PIC and dual received. Student pilot time is PIC only when you are soloing.
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