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Originally Posted by forgot to bid View Post
Sweet. the bmi chat doesn't include my height.

So the FAA is at it again age getting slapped down by Congress. Last time they were starting with high bmi and then were going to eventually test everyone.

The only people though I have ever seen have sleep trouble in cockpits were heavy drinkers. I wonder if they'll add alcohol to the mix regardless of bmi?
Alcohol prevents getting into deep sleep. But how would that ever be brought into the evaluation?

More importantly how far do we allow the FAA to go with this nonsense? Why would they ever get more restrictive with medical requirements? When was the last time a pilot in poor health created any problem greater than the other pilot could handle by there self? Has it ever happened? We shouldn't even be required to get medicals. It's just something we accept because it's the way it has always been.

And no this new rule will not effect me. This stuff just bothers me.
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