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Default Trans States Airlines

on airlinepilot central.

Paid the greater of:
Scheduled historical block time
Actual block time flown
Reserves have a four hour guarantee on days worked
50% deadhead pay
no cancellation pay.

guaranteed: 70 hours on reserve,
74 as a line holder.
Plus you are guaranteed to get paid 95% of you bid award even if you don't fly it do to cancellations.

New Hires:
60 hours per month paid
Used to NOT pay for a hotel, but I heard that may have just changed.
Paid Holidays
Don't think so.

Vacation Accrual Rate
No vacation until after one year. Then you get one week of vacation.

Uniforms:you pay all of it yourself, but you can have it paid off 20 bucks per month. Plus you get a 20 dollar per month "dry cleaning bonus" so it offsets it.

Various health plans -2 choices of health plans. both kind of suck.

401k Matching
1 percent matching after one year.

Employee Stock Purchase
We don't have stock. Privately owned. So its wonderful having no shareholders to answer too...

Education Savings
Yeah right...

Other Stuff:
There is Junioring, paid at 150%t

No Pref Bid.

Upgrade mins just lowered to 3000total, 1600 turbine, 1200 multi. But for every hour you fly in the 145, you are credited two hours towards total time up to 800 hours. So if you come in with low time, upgrade mins are really 2200 total, 1600 turbing, and 1200 multi.

People are bailing every day. The slogan of the company seems to be "We train em so every other regional can hire em..."

90 percent of the captains I have flown with have told me to get the hell out of TSA while I still haven't accrued much seniority.

Hope this helps, I know I don't have a ton of details about the benefits. If you want more let me know.

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