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Default Republic Airways

Rates Increase by 1.99% each October - Contract ammendable in Oct. 2007

Monthly guarantee: 75 hours

Per Diem Rate: $1.60

Block or Better per leg

75% deadhead pay
Pay Protection for certain situations

New Hires: • Double Occupancy Hotel
• Jepps Supplied
• Pay during training: $1600 1st month, min. guarantee thereafter
• No per diem (except on IOE flights)
• Considered "Probationary" for one year from date of hire. Can still file grievances, vote, etc. but are not able to grieve disciplinary actions.

Paid Holidays (Paid at 4:00 credit ABOVE guarantee)
• New Year’s Day
• Easter
• Memorial Day
• Fourth of July
• Labor Day
• Thanksgiving Day
• Christmas Day

Paid Days Off Accrual (Time can be used for sick days, personal days, vacation etc.)
• Year 1: 4.0 hours a month
• Year 2: 4.33 hours a month
• Year 3: 4.67 hours a month
• Year 4: 5.0 hours a month
• Year 5: 5.33 hours a month
• Year 6: 5.67 hours a month
• Year 7: 6.0 hours a month
• Year 8: 7.0 hours a month
• Year 9: 7.33 hours a month
• Year 10: 7.67 hours a month
Pilots can keep up to 1.5 years worth of PDO's to be used for personal/vacation/sick calls. After that they can be placed in pilots sick bank (can only be used for sick calls) or cashed out. Pilots are charged 4.0 hours per day taken, 18 hours for one week of vacation.

$200/year uniform allowance


Health plan - Supplied by Great West Medical after 30 days. Various plans for single, married, family. Single pilot plan is $90 a month ($45 per pay period). Flexible Spending account available with a $5,000 maximum contribution.

Dental (after 30 days) Free

Vision (after 30 days) Free

Short-term ($3.25/pay period)

Life Insurance (free immediately)
Pays 2 times employees base pay rounded up to the nearest $1,000. May not be less than $10,000. $5,000 for death of spouse, $2,500 for death of dependent.

401k Matching
1-6 yrs service (2.5%)
6-13 yrs service (4%)
13+ yrs service (6%)

Pilots must work one year AND 900 hours before company will match. 401k plan is vested 100% immediately for all pilot contributions. Must complete 3 years of service with the company before company match is 100% vested.

Other Stuff:
No junior manning

Commuter Clause - Pilots must list on 2 flights with open seats within 48 hours of the flight. May be used 2 times every 6 months.

Temporary override for any flying conducted outside of monthly scheduled activity. $30 per hour for Captains, $15 per hour for FO's. Pilots called for additional flying are also subject to 4.0 hours of additional pay (negotiable with crew scheduling) and an additional day off that month.

Schedules are constructed using a preferential bidding system (PBS). 12 days off a month for lineholders, 11 for reserve pilots.

Trip trades and open time must be approved via Manager of Crew Scheduling.

FO's are seat locked on aircraft hired into. May upgrade to any airframe when seniority can hold it and possess 2500TT and 500 ME. No street captains allowed unless no qualified pilots bidding for seat on seniority list. Captains are seat locked for a period of 2 years on airframe. Captains may not switch to a lower paying airframe (i.e. a 170 captain cannot become a 145 captain).

Republic Airways Holdings owns Chautauqua Airlines, Shuttle America, and Republic Airways. All pilots are on one seniority list with one contract.
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