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Default Piedmont Airlines

Reserve guarantee: 72 hours

Per Diem Rate: $1.40

Compensation:Paid the greater of:
Scheduled block time (OAG)
Actual block time flown
Min daily guarantee of 4:00 (average over course of trip)

100% cancelation pay
50% deadhead pay

New Hires:Double Occupancy Hotel
Uniforms Payroll deducted
Jepps and binders supplied
Pay during training at reserve garuntee with 1/2 per diem (12 hours a day)

Vacation:Vacation days are used to wipe out a day of work on a scheaduled line, so if bid correctly 5 days of vacation can give you 2 weeks off.

Vacation Accrual Rateyear 1: 5 days
year 2-5(?): 10
Not sure how it works out, but I believe max is 20 vacation days

No uniform allowance

Don't rember much, but I was paying about $30 a month for what seemed to end up being pretty good dental and health insurance. Even covered chiropractor at %80. There is a 401k with match that increases with years of serivce.

Other Stuff:
Junior manning:
Max 3 junior mans per year. Junior man days are paid at normal credit + 4 hours.

Schedules are bid as hard lines. There aren't any big bases, so they just drop off a pile of the available lines in each crew room, you decide which you want, fax it back in, and 1 week later the awards are published and you find out out someone junior to you inexplicably got what you bid for.

Trades are done via the crew room swap board and word of mouth. You both fax the request to scheduling and they then pretend they never got it.

Travel benefits on US airways are free. You only pay international taxes. Your spouse and children travel free, and if you are unmarried you may designate a "registered guest" who has those beneifts (however, the value of their travel [@ ID90 rate{10% of full Y fare}] will be added to your paycheck as "imputed income" and taxed along withyour wages). Parents travel cheap (don't rember the rate), and you get 8 one way guest passea year. The guest pass cost is based on zone travel and may cover multiple segments cost range from $25(intrazone)-$100(transatlantic). You have free access to the hub which gives load info and allows you to list and use guest passes and the 1-800 # which actauly gives loads and IS NOT voice activated. Thank god, and hint hint UAL.

Thats all I remember infomration is subject to change and may also be flat out wrong. Additions encouraged and welcomed.
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