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Default Great Lakes Airlines


Turboprop Monthly guarantee: 75 hours
Turboprop Reserve guarantee: 75 hours

Per Diem Rate: $1.20

Paid historical block

No cancelation pay
50% over-guarantee deadhead pay

New Hires:
* Double Occupancy Hotel
* Buy your own uniforms
* No Jepps for FO's, company buys Jepps, but not binders, for captains.
* No pay during training
* Once aircraft training is complete, you begin receiving monthly gty. until the end of IOE
* No per diem (except on IOE flights) during initial training.

Paid Holidays (Paid at 3:45 credit)
* New Year’s Day
* Memorial Day
* Fourth of July
* Labor Day
* Thanksgiving Day
* Christmas Day

Uniforms:Company pays a small amount (not sure how much) after 2 years online.

Health care - PPO (after 90 days)

Life Insurance available (minimal cost)

401k Matching
Matches 4% if you contribute 10% of your paycheck.

Other Stuff:

Reserves cannot pick up open time, except on "off" days
Initial captain upgrade is always to the Beech
No reserve lines
Min days off: 10/month
Junior man always pays 3:45 over guarantee
CASS participant
Part 135 flight/duty time limitations for Beech 1900 pilots
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