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RJ rates increase by 1.5% every October

In addition, CA's get a 3% raise over industry average in 2008, and a 4% raise over industry average in 2010. Industry average is computed as the largest 6 suppliers of 50 seat ASM's. FO's after first year receive 60% of CA compensation (so pay goes up basically based upon CA rates)

CRJ 200 Monthly guarantee: 75 hours
CRJ 200 Reserve guarantee: 75 hours

Days off: 12 line holders AND reserves

Long Call - beeperless, 2 day call out, not available anywhere else.

Per Diem Rate: $1.50, increased to $1.60 in 2008.

Compensation:Paid the greater of:
Scheduled historical block time (leg by leg basis)
Actual block time flown (leg by leg basis)
2:1 duty pay (based on actual AND scheduled duty time)
4:1 trip rig based upon TAFB
Min lineholder daily guarantee of 3:00 (CDO's 5:00)
Min reserve daily guarantee 4:10
Min Long Call daily guarantee 4:30

100% cancellation pay (for any reason)
100% deadhead pay

New Hires:
Single Occupancy Hotel
Uniforms Deducted from pay
Jepps AND binders Supplied
Full pay during training (min guarantee @ first year pay x monthly guarantee) Full pay while waiting for OE, Per diem on OE

Paid Holidays
No paid holidays for pilots.

Sick Time Accrual Rate
From day 1, 3.5 hours per month, or 0.047 hours per hour (based upon monthly guarantee)

Vacation Accrual Rate
First year of service - .58 (.58 x 12 months = 7 days)
More than 1 year of service - 1.16 (1.16 x 12 months = 14 days)
More than 5 years - 1.75 (1.75 x 12 months = 21 days)
More than 10 years of service - 2.33 (2.33 x 12 months = 28 days)
More than 19 years of service -
2.92 (2.92 x 12 months = 35 days)

Primary vacation has trip touching, allowing 7 days of vacation to be turned into 18+ days off. This is because AWAC doesn't have PBS (yet, being forced down throats to allow them to be "more competitive").

Uniforms:$260/year uniform allowance
$50/year headset allowance (to be used @ $300)

Benefits:Available after 2 weeks

Various health plans - PPO, HMO, Comprehensive
Costs are between $37 - $160 per paycheck ($75 - $260/month) Low end is for the HMO, high end is the Comprehensive plan with family coverage. Note: These rates were just increased upwards of 75% 2 months ago.

Employee Assistance Plan (free)
The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is designed to help you and your family deal with personal difficulties. The EAP is a professional, confidential counseling service provided through Intermountain Health Care (IHC). The EAP will determine whether they will manage your care directly or if you will be referred to a provider in your area. Your consultations will be kept confidential.

$~3-$4/pay period, two plans

Flexible Spending Accounts

Short-term ~ $2.5 bi-weekly
Long-term ~$10 monthly

Life Insurance (free immediately)
$50,000 coverage for employee
Additional coverages can be bought for spouse and dependents, as well as ADD insurance

401k Matching
Now thru 2008: 100% @ 4% of wages, additional 3% regardless of pilot contributions, for a total of 7%
After 2008: 100% @ 5%, additional 3% regardless of pilot contributions, for a total of 8%.

401k starts immediately, funds are matched after 1 year, fully vested after 6 years on property

Employee Stock Purchase
AWAC is privately held.

Education Savings (available after 90 days)
Nothing you can't do by yourself (like Skywest's plan).

Other Stuff:
No involuntary junior manning (everyone says that)

Open time can be picked up at premium pay (150%) as long as it's picked up within 4 days of the next bid period (basically 4 days prior to the beginning of the month).

Schedules are constructed using line bidding. PBS sucks, it awards the top percentage of senior people the best trips and everyone else suffers. It also kills your vacation trip touching, which essentially cuts your vacation time in half.
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