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Originally Posted by caylejqx View Post
So the flight school I want to go to isn't affiliated with a college but it is VA question is this...would it be more beneficial to use my Post 9/11 towards a degree and pay out of pocket for my flight time, or to use it towards the flight time?
I know the regionals want a degree of some type but I'm not sure which investment would be more logical to use my GI Bill for! Anyone out there ever run into this and if so...what was your choice! Thanks!
PS...if there has already been a thread about this I apologize...I did try to find some info but didn't come up with what I wanted!
Why not do both? Get some type of aeronautics degree with flight ratings. Everything is 100% paid for.

If you are dead set on going to this flight school, we can't really answer your question because we don't know what the Tuition for the 4-year degree will be.
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