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Default $40/$80 seat upgrade

I have two questions about the $40/$80 seat upgrade. Have you heard any answers or deliberation on this?

1. If a pilot is not deviating, can it be reimbursed? Or is it out of pocket if he charges it in that case? A deviating pilot can expense it against his bank, I think.

2. If you are eligible for Business Class on an international trip and choose Coach to stay within your bank, then closer to the day of travel you are offered an upgrade to Business for $500 extra, this wouldn't prevent you using the credit card online to upgrade yourself to Business, would it? Without paying $460 yourself.

Assume, for the sake of argument, that if you'd had Global Travel do it, you'd have been legal, but much more expensive. This is a legit situation.


3. Deviation Options and Qualifying Expenses Subject to the limitations and reporting provisions in Section 8.C.4. and C.5. (below), a pilot'ís air travel, train travel, surface transportation, hotel use, parking and non-taxable per diem are allowable/reimbursable expenses as provided in this paragraph. a. Air Travel i. In the following circumstances, air travel expenses are allowable/reimbursable: (a) to or from a pilot'ís base to position to/from a scheduled assignment. (b) deviation from scheduled deadhead travel. (c) deviation from scheduled deadhead travel between a pilot's base and training conducted away from his base. ii. Air travel expenses shall be limited to the accepted fare for coachapplicable fare (as determined in accordance with Section 8.C.2.a.) for the class unless of service for which the deviation flight travel would otherwise qualify for a higher class of service under Section 8.A.4.b under Section 8.A.5. iii. Seat selection fees (e.g., Southwest Business Select, Delta Economy Comfort, United Economy Plus), provided the pilot charges the fee(s) to his Company issued travel card (receipts required regardless of amount). Such fees shall be limited to the greater of: (a) $40 per flight segment; or (b) $80 per positioning sequence (i.e., front-end, mid-trip, or backend).
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